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The Amazing Benefits of Seeking Private Arrangements

Because seeking private arrangements comes with negotiating terms for both sides, neither you nor the Sugar Baby need to be unhappy or unfulfilled, ever.

The Benefits of Seeking Private Arrangements

There is a new trend filling the lives of people world wide; filling the lives of business men and women; helping young and ambitious women get through collage and start up their own businesses. It’s called private arrangements. The chances are high that everyone has heard the term "sugar daddy," but what is that and what are their relationships really about? Put aside the images that the media has put into your mind. seeking private arrangements is not at all the way the media portrays it.

Becoming a Sugar Daddy has plenty of benefits. The first one is: you get exactly what you want. Because seeking private arrangements comes with negotiating terms for both sides, neither you nor the Sugar Baby need to be unhappy or unfulfilled. If you can’t negotiate, that’s fine. You’ll find another Sugar Baby. With online dating becoming one of the number one ways to find relationships of any sort, looking for private arrangements is easier than even.

Bruce, a 50 year old banker and Sugar Daddy, found his best experience through privatearrangements.com. Privatearrangements.com is a newer Sugar Daddy Dating site that has started to rise in the ranks of its competition. The website has a clean and clear interface and it’s easy to use. They boast a wealthy number of members and a wide variety of flavors, which means that when you sign up, you’re going to find the right Sugar Baby for you, guaranteed. Whether you’re looking for someone who is fresh to the Sugar Bowl like you are, or whether you are a seasoned Sugar Daddy who is looking for a Sugar Baby that knows the ropes already, you’re going to find her on the site. The benefits itself will become clear if the Sugar Daddy is really cut out for the lifestyle.

Studies show that several people think seeking private arrangements over for months, even years, before they go ahead with it. The largest reason is that they don’t know what to expect, nor do they know the precise benefits of such a relationship. In a private arrangement, both sides lay out their terms. The Sugar baby is looking up to the Sugar Daddy for financial support and often times professional support. The Sugar Daddy is looking for someone to help them feel young again and often times wants someone to invest in.

"There is honestly no bigger benefit than this fact alone: you get to see someone you’ve invested in grow up and make a real living for themselves on your advice and your aid," Duncan, a 49 year old IT personal said.

In a private arrangement, you will get what you want, because that’s what seeking private arrangements is all about. If you have the money to spend and the ability to negotiate, then there’s nothing to worry about and as we said above, privatearrangements.com has such a large pool of people to choose from, that if a negotiation doesn’t work out, one don’t have to worry. There will be someone for everyone, someone that is exactly what one wants and needs.

For example, Bruce told us about a Sugar Baby he had once by the name of Vanessa. "She was a young entrepreneur who wanted to start up her own restaurant and needed the cash and support to do so. We enjoyed a nice lunch date that was the perfect length of time to get to know enough about one another and decide whether we would be going any further. She was a very smart woman but she needed more of my time than I was willing to give."

Bruce and Vanessa parted on great terms. He wished her luck and gave her a few contacts that he thought might be able to help her with her business ventures. No harm done. They still keep in touch every once in awhile.

Getting Traditional Relationships Out of Your Head

A survey done on the topic of people and relationships stated that several men would consider becoming a Sugar Daddy if only they could put aside the idea that ‘all you need is love’.

The same study showed that some Sugar Daddies stopped the lifestyle because they couldn’t quite embrace the thought that a relationship could really be exactly what they wanted and needed and that they were stuck in the traditional roles of a relationship. Another reason for Sugar Daddies leaving the sugar bowl was the idea of negotiating when they were seeking private arrangements. "It’s nothing to feel poorly about if something just isn’t working," Tim said, a 53 year old CEO and Sugar Daddy. "She is also in the sugar bowl because she wants something, the same as you. If you can’t provide it for her, let her know. An experienced Sugar Baby will appreciate it and move on to the next potential Sugar Daddy."

A private arrangement is not the same thing as a ‘reoccurring prostitute’ as some people think it is. The relationship between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby can be very genuine and in recent studies it has been shown that 86% of the relationships between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby hold a true genuine connection, even if they know it’s temporary. While money and sex is part of the agreement more times than not, any relationship has that kind of exchange. A traditional relationship is simply not as up front as a private arrangement.

If you need some more time to think about it, consider having a partner that is currently unable to work. Do you not then provide for them? Of course one would. Most likely, partners would pay for their bills and help get them back on their feet. Would partners suddenly stop having sex with them? No. Why would they? Then what is different here other than these ‘terms’ weren’t thought out beforehand? The difference is that when people are seeking private arrangements, they already have their terms thought out and they can present them to the Sugar Baby.

The honesty and forward attitudes that come with seeking private arrangements can be very refreshing for people.

What it was really like being a Sugar Daddy?

Age is always something that makes new Sugar Daddies uncomfortable. Approximately 9 out of 10 new Sugar Daddies get cold feet due to their age. "There’s no shame in acknowledging your age a little here," George, a fellow Sugar Daddy said. "Men often feel a lot younger than they really are. I still have a lot of bounce in my step and a lot to offer the world but my body and its image says I’m rapidly becoming out of date."

The point of having a Sugar baby is more than just for her to please her Sugar Daddy with company and to get between the sheets with him. Her ‘job’ is to help make her Sugar Daddy feel younger, and a good one will.

"Trust me, having a Sugar Baby that appreciates all of your experience inside and outside of the bedroom is an incredibly rewarding." Franklin said. The younger generation is becoming smarter and smarter each day and it is often these young and ambitious women that are seeking private arrangements. They are aware of their needs and are looking for someone to invest in them and help them get to where they need to go.

"A young woman who is interested in hearing all about you and share her intellectuality is highly refreshing." Franklin continued. "I am always impressed with the younger generation, their views on the world, politics, and philosophy. Just being around these women help bring a new bounce in my step. She gives you vitality and you give her resources. It’s always a win/win situation."

In order to really keep a Sugar Baby nearby, the Sugar Daddy will need more than just money. They have to be generous and willing to help her and they also have to be attractive. When an anonymous survey was conducted on a handful of Sugar Babies in Los Angeles, the results showed that Sugar Babies prefer a Sugar Daddy that has more than just money. Only 3% said they were in this kind of relationship for the money.

When it comes to what else Sugar Babies are looking for, often it’s investment. Some of them want help with starting up a business, they desire things like nice clothing, classic jewelry pieces. They desire business and social contacts. Some desire to be shown off to other high society members.

"Personally, I like to be a little discreet when I have a Sugar Baby." Said John, a 51 year old business owner. "However, some of my friends who also started hooking up through privatearrangements.com have a flair for the theatrical and some women want a Sugar Daddy who is going to show her to the world."

If you’re someone who enjoys this kind of attention, you’re bound to get it. No one can resist a hot couple no matter what the age difference is. Mark, a 48 Year old Dance instructor, is a good example. He recently entered a private relationship with a Sugar Baby who recently came to America from Argentina. She also loved to dance and they bonded over that passion. Since then, they’ve become quite the spectacle in local competitions. You can tell their love for the art as well as their enjoyment of the spotlight brought them together.

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What about Sugar Daddies that are married?

The amount of married Sugar Daddies is very high. A recent sugar daddy dating survey showed that at least 1 in 7 Sugar Daddies are married. However, before anyone starts thinking that being a Sugar Daddy or being a Sugar Baby is sinful because of the inevitable adultery, should know that according to another study done on Sugar Daddies’ families, 85% of these married Sugar Daddies have the blessing from their wives. For whatever reason, the marriage has entered a place where the husband needs something more, even with the love and care he has for their wife and children. Several Sugar Daddies have been encouraged to find a Sugar Baby by their wives. With most of them being completely open about their activities to their wives, this issue quickly becomes irrelevant.

"I don’t want to get stereotypical, but men are usually more sexually driven than women," Bruce said. "When you’re in a life-long relationship, you can love someone deeply and still have pieces of you go unsatisfied. Having a Sugar Baby will help you satisfy those pieces of yourself that you need satisfied."

Keeping in mind that seeking private arrangements means everything is negotiated. A Sugar Daddy doesn’t have to give anything they don’t want in order to get what you need in return from their Sugar Baby. "Put all the cards on the table and discuss with honesty the things you will and won’t do," Bruce said. An experienced Sugar Baby will know that sex is going to be involved in the relationship as it is involved in any relationship. "The most important thing is to respect each other," Bruce confirmed. "Know each other’s limits, wants, needs, and desires, and let the rest happen."

As we did our studies, we would have to say that we highly recommend giving it a go. It might not be for everyone, but this trend is rising and we think it’s rising for a good reason.

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