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Seeking Private Arrangements : Secrets From A Sugar Daddy

The first thing that the modern day Sugar Daddy does when he decides to take a dip in the Sugar Bowl is sign up for an online Sugar Daddy dating website.

Seeking Private Arrangements: Secrets from a Sugar Daddy

John became a Sugar Daddy after his wife filed for a divorce about ten years ago. He wasn’t interested in remarrying and he wanted something a little more to renew the bounce in his step so to speak.

"The first thing that the modern day Sugar Daddy does when he decides to take a dip in the Sugar Bowl is sign up for an online Sugar Daddy dating website." He said.

While there are a lot to choose from, privatearrangements.com is the one he settled with. It has an easy to use interface, excellent search function to make sure you’re only seeing exactly what you want, and a wealthy community of Sugar Babies. On top of that, they have a very useful blog filled with tips and tricks for people of all experiences.

John’s Secrets to Seeking Private Arrangements

"I’m sure it’s happened to many people," He began. "When I started, I’d settle in and take a look at my search results from an online dating site only to find that the messages I sent didn’t get any results at all."

It’s a common problem. There are several reasons why someone might not respond back to someone else’s message online. It might just be that she didn’t find the message to be the type she was interested in or it might be that the profile needs some work.

Several of research supports the idea that honesty is the best policy. A little laughable considering how our society is built on lying to get by. We lie to get what we want, we lie to not hurt people, we lie to not be a burden. When is the last time someone asked another person "how are you today" and they answered with "really terrible, actually"? It just doesn’t happen. Let’s be frank, here. Honesty is usually not the best policy when it comes down to traditional relationships.

"When you are Seeking Private Arrangements, honesty is actually the best policy," John confirmed.

Private Arrangements are relationships based sorely on honesty. There are no strings attached, no hidden clauses, nothing like that at all. It is 100% up front and honest. What you want and what they want. That is what it is.

"Lying about anything, whether it is what you do and what you can offer, and especially your appearances is just going to waste both of your time." John Said. "If you’re worried about not getting a Sugar Baby because of either of these things, then you might want to make sure that you are prepared and capable of being a Sugar Daddy first before you both signing up for somewhere like privatearrangements.com"

Filling out a profile for dating places like privatearrangements.com can be difficult, but studies show that being honest about everything is the biggest and most important thing. That includes your height and your weight. Approximately 58% of men lie about their height and weight on their online dating profiles and that is one of the largest reasons why they don’t get a second date.

"There is going to be a Sugar Baby out there no matter what someone looks like," John said. "Charm, wit, and frankly the size of your wallet is going to end up being a lot more important to her than the slight belly you might have. It’s always good to keep yourself in shape and take care of yourself, but you don’t have to have to be buff to be a Sugar Daddy."

Seeking Private Arrangements is easy when you have the right resources at your fingertips. Once the profile has been HONESTLY filled in the ‘About Me’ section of the profile is next. Here you want to remain honest. Several sources state that keeping it short, but sweet is the best option. John made his sugar daddy dating profile several months ago and keeps it up to date every few months. On his profile, he shared a little about himself so that the Sugar Baby has a little insight into who he is and and what he likes.

"When I was first thinking about making an about me for my Private Arrangements profile, I thought hard on the amount of information I myself would like to read through. I wouldn’t want to read through a novel but I wanted more than a sentence or two so I used that to help guide me."

John suggested that people consider his suggestion when someone is writing their about me section.

"When I started Seeking Private Arrangements, I had to be clear about myself but also I didn’t want to give too much away."

The average about me section on a profile includes an introduction, what it is that the person does and a couple lines about things they enjoy outside of work. Some profiles finish it off with what they’d like in a Sugar Baby or what kind of person they are looking for.

"Also, a good picture is very important. A picture is worth a thousand words," John said.

It’s true, statistically the magic number is three. Several studies have shown that someone who only has one photo doesn’t get any attention, but someone that has tonnes of photos also doesn’t get attention. The best results come from people who only have a handful of carefully picked photos.

"You want to have a nice ‘head shot’ so that the Sugar Baby gets to see that face," John said. "Then you want something full body or partially full body, and the last photo you want is you doing something you enjoy." And he noted. "Although you will want to stay away from anything too devious. No drinking or wild parties. I know people who still party well into their fifties and that’s fine, just don’t boast about it on your profile."

The best first photo, your headshot, needs to look natural in order for any potential sugar baby to get a good look at you. Some Private Arrangement members suggest to have it taken in front of a professional backdrop but John suggests something more natural.

"No one actually likes the corporate mug shot, no one. A photo of you in the park or somewhere else with good scenery is much better." John said, and further noted, "make sure you look well groomed and have a nice smile on your face."

After finishing the profile, John focused on making the first message to some potential Sugar Babies. In the sugar world, there isn’t a rule on whether the man should message first or not.

"Crafting the perfect first message is definitely a challenge." John said.

Dating in general has its set of rules on how to talk to someone. While a Sugar date is different, John found that there are still similarities in the way the first message and first date works. A Sugar Date still requires social etiquette.

"There are some really big don’ts when it comes to making first contact," John said.

What John told us coincided a lot with everything we have read about the new Sugar Dating trend and how to make the first message in the past while we were researching. Most women will not respond to something that is more than a sentence long. In fact, statistics say that someone is more inclined to respond to something as simple as "Hi, see you love sports. Watching the game tonight?" It’s also been proven that people actually like seeing emoticons like :) and ;) in their messages.

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"I have always considered these kind of relationships to almost being professional in some manner," John said. "Even if the mode is to have fun and live life, there are ‘terms and conditions’ applied. So when I learned that a less formal approach to messaging was more common and appreciated it was really strange for me!"

After finally getting his profile in working order and understanding how to approach people online, John started getting the replies he wanted. His shortest relationship with a Sugar Baby lasted only a few months, but he has been in a private arrangement since then for almost a year now now.

"It’s been incredibly rewarding," John said. "She helps make me feel alive again."

Together they have flown all around the world and visited several unique places. John has experienced new and exciting activities that didn’t really exist when he and his partner were younger and his Sugar baby is happy to have the support he provides her with.

"I wouldn’t trade this kind of lifestyle for anything. I’ve very glad I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. The worst thing that can happen if someone is curious about it is they lose a bit of money giving a girl a helping hand for a couple months. That’s not so bad."

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