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How To Meet Sugar Mommas And All The Different Types

How to find sugar mommas. You will meet plenty of different sugar mommas and we have compiled a list to help you figure out what type you might want.

How To Meet Sugar Mommas And All The Different Types

The dating world is complicated and dating online is no different. If anything, trying to meet someone this way often makes the process even more complicated. You sign up online and talk to someone for a month then out of nowhere, they just stop responding. Or you meet up with someone and they look nothing like their pictures or they’ve told some ridiculous lies and now you are stuck sitting with them at a bar sipping your cocktail fast so you can end the date earlier.

To give you some insight into navigating this online sugar baby world, we have talked to both sugar babies and sugar mommas to help you figure out what you are getting into when you sign up with Private Arrangements. When seeking private arrangements it should not be complicated. We cannot promise that these will be the only types of people you will meet, but these are just some of the most common ones you may find yourself encountering.

The Nerd

They are very smart and do not mind showing it off. It can be a bit daunting if you feel intellectually inadequate, but it can also be very eye opening and interesting. Not only are these women smart, but they also are very self aware, understand how their emotions work and are very straight to the point.

If you think you are up for this challenge it will be well worth the conversations you will have with this person late at night over tea or wine. An emotionally stable person can be in your future when it comes to looking for a private arrangement.

"I’ve dated this type before. I don’t necessarily have the education to back myself up, but I can hold my end of a conversation fairly well. It was mentally stimulating to be able to discuss things like politics or what’s happening in the world. Whether we both agreed or not, it was awesome." Susan Marcus, 27 years old, Boston.

The Flake

This is the type of person who always has something come up at the last minute and bails on you. They often ask for a rain check so that they do not feel bad about missing out seeing you and hanging out for a day or evening.

We totally understand how things come up. Emergencies and family crises, car troubles and broken down subway systems can leave us in the lurch. It happens. However, when it starts happening all the time it can be rather annoying. Luckily, the statistics on PrivateArrangements.com for this is low, rounding 12%, so don’t get discouraged.

"I always get my hopes talking to someone for a week or so before they ghost me. I stay positive though. I keep talking to new people, I don’t let it get you down." Stephanie Cartwright, 37 years old.


This one can go either way. You just need to ask yourself one question, can you handle dating someone who is married? They might have an open relationship or they may just be looking for something discreet.

34% of sugar mommas on PrivateArrangements.com are married and looking for private arrangements outside of their marriage.

You can have amazing relationships with no commitment or issues. They will spoil you and never think twice about it because they are basically paying for your discretion. Private Arrangements specializes in just that, seeking private arrangements.

"I love dating married sugar mommas. It’s sexy thinking that at any moment we could get caught. It is such a turn on. Plus, there’s no concern about them getting too clingy or demanding too much. They got a wife for all of that." Caroline Reid, 28 years old old, North Dakota.


This is just a fact of life. There are very few women who are young and rich. Get ready to get messages from plenty of older women. This is not a bad thing. Older women are open and honest about what they want and who they are. They are usually self made woman who just want to feel like they have something to offer.

Older women know their way around the block, if you catch our drift. They are more experienced in every part of life and this can help you figure out your life as well.

"Being with someone who has it all together will give you the push you need to get parts of your life together that need work. I know that it helped me." Bree Gibson, 29, Jacksonville FL.

On a similar note, not all sugar babies are young. Do not let age define you. You can be a sugar baby at any age. It is empowering. There no reason to be a young thing just out of college to be a sugar baby. Why not sign up in your thirties or forties? You have your life together, you know what you want. You aren’t afraid to ask for it. You have the chance to find someone awesome who wants to spoil you. Even mature women still want to be spoiled by someone.

There is nothing wrong with putting yourself out there at any age. 32% of women on PrivateArrangements.com are over 35 years of age.

Business Savvy

These women are beyond self made. They are the owners of Fortune 500 companies. They are the ones who lives you can only dream about. Why? Because they are good at what they do and they do not let anything stand in their way. They have broken the glass ceiling and rebuilt it underneath them.

"They are the types who will jet set off to a different country with little to no notice and take you with them. They will spoil you with that pair of Louboutins you’ve been eyeing without even thinking about the price tag. I really love dating someone with a good eye for business." Tracy Buckner, 27 years old, North Carolina.

They can be intimidating, but they can also be the best part of your life.

Also, just because you are a sugar baby does not mean you cannot also be business savvy. You might have majored in finance or business in university and could be doing very well for yourself That does not mean you cannot be spoiled by someone. They might even like you more because you are also on the road to success and you are determined.

Work Out Nut

These women are great. They are the gym rats who love their body and love showing them off. Their profile picture is them holding their shirt up to show off their abs, or in a skimpy piece of underwear to show off their legs and glutes. We love them. They are so much fun.

Dating these girls is a wild ride. They will get you out of your comfort zone, and make you feel sexy in your body. If you want to, they will even go to the gym with you and help you be the best you can be. Feeling confident in your body is the number one best thing you can do for yourself and having a woman like this will help you out.

"Dating someone who was fitter than me honestly made all the difference. While the relationship itself didn’t last long, I gained a friend and dropped a few pounds. We still go running together a few times a week, it’s been a real confidence booster." Samantha Gardener, 41 from Jacksonville FL.

Before long, you will be seeing a difference in your body and your confidence. They are the best thing you can do for yourself. So, why not give it a try? Do not think you aren’t good enough for someone like that. You never know anything until you try. So, get your courage up and send them a message.

Your Best Sugar Momma Connections Are Here!

Mrs. Monogamy

The name says it all. These ladies are looking for something serious with just one person. Whether they are a sugar baby or a sugar momma, they will be perfect for you if you are looking for some commitment. We totally understand that it can be hard to find something serious with sugar momma dating. If they are up front with what they want, then you may just get lucky and meet someone amazing.

If monogamy is something you are looking for, then you will not have to worry with these ladies because you will be set. You can find some solace and comfort in these women.

"I found my girlfriend through sugar baby websites. She was looking for something deep and that was just what I needed." Samantha Turner, 29, Mississippi.

Being monogamous with a sugar baby means never having to worry about if they have more than one sugar momma on the side. Being monogamous with a sugar momma means you can get comfortable for as long as the relationship lasts. If you really like the person, it can last from months to years. seeking a lesbian sugar momma can end in monogamy.

If you had any intention of finding someone to possibly commit to for life, these are the women that you want to look for. These are the ones who put their hearts on the line and let you know up front that they want something serious and long term.

Sugar momma dating over the years has become something that can be seen as taboo, but it is a necessity in our everyday busy lives. We do not want you to get blindsided by the stereotypes of the dating world. We want to make sure you have a great experience. Private Arrangements uses background checks to make sure every sugar momma who signs up is being truthful and presenting herself as she actually is.

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