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How To Find A Sugar Momma And Get Your Tuition Paid

I signed up online looking for private arrangements to help pay off my student loans and learned how to find a sugar momma easily.

How To Find A Sugar Momma And Get Your Tuition Paid

Like most of you, I had crippling debt half way through my time at Princeton. I understood that this was something that would affect my life forever. While, yes, I was going to be a lawyer one day and that would get me a higher income I still needed to not feel suffocated now when it came to my debt. I did not come from a rich family, but we did alright for ourselves. I had saved up about $15,000 before coming to school, so it wasn’t all bad. However, I still had way more debt than I knew what to do with and it wasn’t going away.

I worked two jobs in my spare time to help pay down loans while also accommodating my living situation and giving me the tiniest bit of a social life. My summers were spent interning and lifeguarding, while also working at a diner serving coffee along side our breakfast special. I idolized my classmates who came from rich families and this didn’t seem to be a worry of theirs. I was so jealous. I didn’t want to be rich by any means, although that would be nice. I wanted to feel like my life wouldn’t be spent giving half my paycheck back to the student loan companies for decades until it was paid up. That is no way to start a family or jumpstart your life in general.

I was never sure that being a sugar baby was something I wanted, but it wasn’t a bad idea considering the crippling student debt, the decrease of jobs and the increase in the cost of living. It seemed like a pretty solid way to get some extra cash. Maybe I’d get lucky and meet someone cool. Little did I know...

How It Started

One night I was out partying, the one night a month I can actually afford to go out and have fun with my girlfriends. I was so excited to spend some down time not worrying about anything. We decided to hit the town and dance our little hearts out. This was the night I met Angie. She was a friend of a friend and really knew how to have a good time. We got to talking because I had noticed she was in some of my lectures. Within the first hour of meeting her, she informed me that she basically paid for her entire schooling by getting herself sugar daddies. While this sounded great, I however, was a lesbian. Having a sugar daddy wouldn’t exactly work for me. She gave me the web address to Private Arrangements and told me to just check it out. You could figure out how to meet sugar mommas. They apparently had sugar mommas looking for hot young things like myself. She was so confident about all this, I honestly couldn’t believe it was real.

By the time I got home that night, half drunk and falling out of my heels in my bachelor apartment. I looked at my credit statement for the night. I had spent $100 more than what I expected to. I wasn’t upset but I was annoyed because of how tight money was. Thank God it was a greta night. I also found the slip of paper where Angie had wrote down the website for sugar daddies. I figured what the hell? I’m already drunk, let’s just see what’s out there. I logged on and checked out the site. It was professional and looked legit. Sugar babies didn’t have to pay to sign up which was a plus, all things considered. Without even thinking another thought, I uploaded some cute photos of myself, wrote that I was becoming a lawyer at Princeton and was happily and openly gay and that in my spare time I like to play guitar. It sounded boring but it was really the truth. Between work and school I didn’t have time to be cool and have hobbies. I even checked out some blogs about balancing life and dating to see if I could do it.

The next morning I woke up with my dress still on and two glasses of water beside my bed. Make up smeared across my pillow and my laptop opened beside me on the bed. I starred at the screen to see that two women had messaged me. I was excited but also terrified. What if they are gross? Or old? What if they want to kill me and this is all a front to lure me somewhere dark and alone? You would be surprised as to where my mind wanders to when looking for private arrangements. I took a big gulp of water and clicked on the first message.

"Hey, I’m Tracy, I’m 42, a lawyer and I think you have beautiful eyes.
 Let me know if you want to chat or grab a coffee?"

Well that was nice of her. Maybe this whole online dating thing wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe I could actually make some extra cash out of it to help pay down my debt. I took another big gulp of water and clicked open the second email.

"You are actually so cute in your photos, you look like you would be
 a blast to go out with. I’m Karen. Hope to chat with you soon."

Another nice woman. I guess I was scared because everyone always talks about the horrible people they meet online. Maybe they were just horrible because they were all guys? Who knows. Honestly I was just excited to have some new people talking to me. I didn’t go out very much so I didn’t know how to make new friends. I didn’t even really know what to do in this situation. I opened up Facebook and sent a message to Angie and asked her for help than basically went back to sleep.

When I woke up later in the day Angie had messaged me back and talked me through the first part. Talking to them. I just had to be cool and not talk too much about myself. Be flirty but not slutty. Do not swear or say things that someone would find gross or disturbing. Keep it light and try to get a date out of them within the first week so that if they suck you can move on quicker to the next person.

I chatted up Karen and Tracy and found them both interesting and seemingly nice. I asked them if they would be up for getting drinks next weekend after my classes. Tracy on Friday night, Karen on Saturday. They both agreed and I was extremely happy. Angie told me that as long as I played it cool and was myself the money and gifts would roll in.

No Need To Meet The Others

By the time Friday came I was nervous as all hell and wasn’t sure I’d even be able talk properly on the date. It turned out though that Tracy was just as nervous as I was. I met her at the bar a few blocks away from my apartment. She didn’t look older than 30 at the most and she was stunning. I was so taken back by her. She smiled at me and gave me a little friendly hug as we took our seats in the booth in the back. She was smart and funny and charming and beautiful. I couldn’t get over it.

After that night I was hooked. She was wonderful. I honestly would never have found her had it not been for something. It was perfect. I didn’t even need to met the others. It was like hitting the jackpot on the first pull of the slot machine handle. Our relationship evolved into something more than just financial stability. In the last few months, she has met and been approved by my family, not to mention praised. Since she was willing to help out with my student debt. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Your Best Sugar Momma Connections Are Here!

What started out as wanting someone to pay for my tuition turned into something more. We have been together for over a year now and while my tuition isn’t a problem anymore, neither is being single. Neither is being unhappy. Private Arrangements knew exactly what I wanted and helped me find it. I knew I couldn’t just be a sugar baby. I needed something more and this was my something more. I had read the articles but until it happened to me, I honestly never believed them. I never thought things would turn out this way, but I’m happy to say they did. I’m not the ‘dating someone for money‘ type. I am the ‘be with you because I love you‘ type. You never know where life is going to take you. Just follow your heart and trust that it knows the path.

For more tips on how to find love, date a sugar momma or that being older is ok by the ladies check out the blog on Private Arrangements. It’s honestly so helpful.

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