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The Rules Of Looking For A Private Arrangement Listed

Being a sugar baby can be tricky but we have some personal experiences on where to find a sugar daddy and looking for private arrangements to help you out

The Rules Of Looking For A Private Arrangement

Being a successful sugar baby does not have to be a difficult thing to do. Speaking from Cody Bishop’s experience, he can say that once you get the hang of it, you can make a living off other people. You just need to follow the rules of seeking private arrangement and then make it work. Below are just a few of the rules he has learned through his experience. Whether you are a first time sugar baby or have been around the block a few times, these should come in handy for whatever you think you may need. Private Arrangements is a new website and it’s taking over the sugar baby dating world by storm.

You Can Never Fall In Love

According to Cody, the number one rule of being a sugar baby is that you can never fall in love. This job will always be temporary. The statistics of sugar daddies marrying their sugar babies is a very low 24.7%. That number is better than 0%, but do not put all your eggs in one basket. "As a bonus, by not falling in love, you can date multiple sugar daddies and mommas at once. Rake in some more money. Furthermore, falling in love leaves the possibility of getting hurt, and you aren’t in this game to get hurt. If you keep your emotions in check, you can have more successful relationships online with men,"Cody tell us.

It has been proven in recent studies that while everyone wants to fall in love, sugar daddies will rarely end up marrying their babies. 83% of sugar daddies state that they only want a temporary relationship that is fun. Similarly, 12% say they want something long-term, but never want to marry someone with whom they have an "arrangement".

Do Not Become A Prostitute

There is a fine fine line between sugar baby and prostitute. Seeking private arrangements does not mean prostitution. When it comes to knowing which side of the line you are on, take these things into consideration. When you meet up with your sugar daddy or momma, is it strictly in a hotel room? Do you have a relationship outside of having sex? Does he give you cash for sex? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you might be walking on the wrong side of that line.

"Explaining this one over and over again can be tiring but it’s the truth. There is a big difference. People must realize this." Cody stated.

You Need To Lower Your Expectations

According to Cody, a common mistake that most sugar babies make is that they think they are going to find the most attractive, even GQ model type of millionaire. They scroll through profiles to find a guy that looks like someone they can see themselves having sex or spending time with.

"The sugar daddy does not need to be the most attractive man in the world, but you should at least find him intriguing if not a little bit attractive. It is the sugar baby’s role to be the great looking person, to give the sugar daddy the girlfriend experience. You are building them up, being their hot arm candy to show off. Do not get caught up in looking for a perfect 10. Settle for a perfect 7 who will shower you with presents." Cody admits.

"I went into it thinking that I was going to meet the sexy Leonardo DiCaprio type of man. This was not true. Honestly, once you get past that, it’s just about choosing the one you can live with." Duncan Dempsey, 35, from Long Island, NY.

You Cannot Be Too Picky

One of the cardinal sins according to the sugar babies we have interviewed was pickiness.

"You cannot be too picky. Remember, you need the sugar daddy more than they need you. They have the option of finding someone else. You need them to like you so that you can pursue a relationship with them and make something happen. Next time you are browsing through profiles, just remember to be flexible and adaptable." Paul Johnson, 42, Los Angeles.

Sugar babies whose goal is to get money and gifts cannot afford to be too particular with who their sugar daddy is. There are plenty of sugar babies out there and they are all fishing from same pond of millionaire fishes.

"I have dated great looking guys, and not so great looking guys. It’s not about looks in the end. It’s about the money." Cody tells us. He has been there and has had the life experience for you to learn from.

Always Get Checked For STDs

This should really be said for any part of anyone’s life who is sexually active, but we cannot stress enough the need to be regularly checked for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). This is especially true if you are seeing more than one sugar daddy.

"This is especially important in the gay community considering the statistic of HIV/AIDS is 15%. That means just under a quarter people have it in urban communities. Let’s not continue to spread it. STDs including HIV/AIDS are a huge issue within the gay community. Be safe and stay protected. If you become infected don’t pass it along. Get checked regularly by a doctor and wear a condom." Dr. Ross Rubenstein from Illinois informs us to have regular checkups and maintain sexual safety.

Never Look Less Than 100%

Sugar daddies aren’t looking for just anyone. If you want to make sure that you are always living the life of luxury, then you need to look like you belong there. "Do not get comfortable and stop going to the gym. Never wear work out clothing around your sugar daddy unless you two are running together or are gym buddies. Basically you want to make sure that you are 100% always his arm candy. An easy way to go about this is get ready and think to yourself, ‘If you were being secretly photographed by paparazzi would you look amazing?‘." Cody revealed.

Never Want Anything

This is the most important rule. In the last two years, we have talked to many gay sugar daddies and and over 94.2% have stated that they want a sugar baby who does not ask for anything. When you do not ask them for things, it makes them want to spoil you more because you will be more grateful.

Sugar daddies need to believe that you want to be with them for themselves, not for what they can give you. It works better for both of you this way. Neither of you will feel used in the end. Not wanting compensation is the best way to get the most compensation. It is the general guideline for all of the sugar babies in the sugar daddy dating world." — Cory Benson, 23 - New Jersey

Sugar daddy dating websites have in depth articles about how to get more out of your daddies. Private Arrangements is no different with their blog posts.

Never Date Two People In The Same Building Or Company

This rule is very important. While there is no rule that says you cannot date more than one person at a time, there is an etiquette to it. If you know that you might be involved with two people who work in the same building or at the same company, pick one and stop seeing the other.

"There is nothing worse than being discovered as someone who is seeing two people at once because one of them brags or shows a photo of you to the other. That can ruin both relationships and your reputation as a sugar baby. So, keep it simple; choose the one you like better and end it gently with the other one. Always make sure you triple check where they work. If they happen to work in a tall building with lots of different companies within it, you may think that you will be able to avoid being caught, but you should not take that chance." Cody stated.

"I made this mistake before. I didn’t vet them enough and found out they both worked in the same company. It ended with both of them and I lost my sugar daddies. Now I always triple check." Mark Hoffman, 29, Chicago, IL.

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Be Amazing At Balancing A Schedule

This only applies to those of you who are dating more than one sugar daddy at a time. You need to be able to balance a schedule because your social life depends on it.

"Take it from me; this one can be tricky. You need to make sure there is at least 12 to 24 hours between going with one person to your date with the other. You do not want to have an amazing night out with sugar daddy number one, but schedule a breakfast the next morning with sugar daddy number two. This does not allow for much time to shower and get ready from one person to the next. If you know you are going to see your first sugar daddy that night, then the earliest that you should agree to meet your other sugar daddy will be the next night after 6 pm. Rushing away from a sugar daddy with a flimsy excuse is the quickest way to get caught." Mark Lawson, 26 — Chicago, IL

We know that this seems like there are a lot of rules about being a sugar baby and how to act. They could also be considered guidelines. Everyone makes up their own rules about how to portray themselves as a sugar baby. In the experience of everyone we have interviewed, these rules have been very helpful in aiding to succeed at being a sugar baby.

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