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Seeking Private Arrangements To Make $70,000 A Year

How seeking private arrangements made this one sugar baby upwards of $70,000 a year & his tips to helping you be the most successful sugar baby you can be.

Seeking Private Arrangements To Make $70,000 A Year

My story is no different from any other sob story you will hear about online nowadays. Just like you, I was the typical poor student with tons of debt and no one to help me. Boo hoo, right? In today’s economy and with the rising cost of tuition, unless you are a Vanderbilt or one of the Hilton girls, paying for school and not dying from the crushing debt that incurs is a real problem.

During my free time, I would go to the library at school where I was studying to be a therapist and would use the computers there to look up jobs on craigslist. Not the greatest place to look for work, but if you do not mind getting down and dirty you can get paid quickly. I stumbled across one posting that read "gay sugar baby wanted" and looking for private arrangements. I clicked on it, not knowing what to expect. This unknown man had posted

"Average older man, very wealthy. Looking for young gay boy to spoil. Do you like shopping sprees? Trips? Fancy dinners? And if you are young, fit and looking to be discreet. Please message me with a photo."

I remember thinking, "What a damn loser." But after a few days of staring at my bank account thinking "Great, it’s either food or hot water again this week", I started thinking about what it would be like to have someone pay me for my boyfriend skills. I pulled out my laptop and began searching for legitimate and non craigslist sugar daddy websites. Private Arrangements was perfect. It was where to find a sugar daddy. Sugar babies were free to join while sugar daddies had to pay a larger fee. Which I understand, they are the ones with money. I uploaded some fun photos of me, wrote about how I want to help people and what I enjoyed and left it for the night. I even gave their articles a glance through.

By the morning, I had 17 new messages. 17! It was unreal. All of whom were seeking private arrangements. The men who messaged me were from all aspects of dating; old, young, black, white, Asian, etc. I began to browse their profiles and realized that most of these men are clearing millions upon millions a year and just wanted me to sleep with them or be their boyfriend.

Surviving The First Date

Dating in general is scary. Dating someone online who you have never met before is scarier. Dating someone online who you have never met before that you hope will give you money or take you shopping is a new kind of fear altogether.I had a hard enough time with how to find a sugar daddy, let alone date one. Have some fun. They are just as nervous as you are, if not more because they need to make sure you aren’t some money hungry bottom feeder.

Do simple things like touch his arm when you talk to him and make eye contact. Laugh at his jokes, but not too hard unless the joke is really funny and you have a great laugh. Tell him about yourself, but try not to dwell on the fact that you have debt or would like to have a new Birkin bag. We all want a new Birkin bag, but you will not get there, but spilling your money hungry guts on the first date. Let him come to you.

The Differences Between Prostitute and Sugar Baby

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what the difference is between being a prostitute and being a sugar baby. We all know that there is a fine fine line between the two of these, but let’s break it down simply. Yes, they are seeking private arrangements, but in different context. Prostitutes are sex workers who openly just have sex with people for money. Sugar babies create a lifestyle and relationships with people and in return are benefitted either financially or with shopping sprees and trips. If all you are doing is soliciting sex for money, you have crossed the line and should probably rethink your life. Unless that was your life plan, then good on you for doing it. Achieving dreams, right? Just remember it is illegal and always be safe.

This is why Private Arrangements is perfect. You can basically have your cake and eat it to and not feel guilty.

Once I told each of the men I wanted to meet, and what area I would be in, they all suggested where we should go. I had three dates the first week and two the next week. This was planned out perfectly. Suddenly looking for private arrangements wasn’t so hard.

I met the first gentlemen, Mark, for an early lunch on a Tuesday, which he was fine with. He was handsome, but a lot older than me. We chatted over mimosas and the most amazing eggs benedict I had ever had. He explained to me that he needed someone discreet who was available to weekend getaways when he was on business and would cover all my costs and even give me spending money. Cha-ching! I told him this would be great now that my semester is ending and the summer was upon us. We agreed to meet later the next week to discuss details and grab a late dinner at his place.

The second guy, Jason, was more blunt. He informed me he needed someone to be his boyfriend in private. No one knew he was gay, he wanted to keep it that way and would pay for my discretion. This felt a little dirty to me, but once he said the price of what he would pay me to be his hideaway boyfriend, $1000 a night, I eased up. I asked him if this was a strictly sex thing and he responded with "While yes, there will be sex, but only when your comfortable. I just need someone in my corner. I’m not open about being gay and I do not plan on being open about it. I need to feel wanted and have that attachment." This was something I was okay with. I could do it on my terms and not feel like a hooker. We agreed to meet up over the weekend for a night in.

The third, Christopher, I went out with that week was over breakfast. He was funny, smart, charming, the whole package. Plus, he had a net worth of 50 million dollars. He basically just wanted a boy to spoil and have fun with, no strings attached. He owned several local nightclubs that I would be allowed to get VIP access and bottle service for free with my friends as a plus to our relationship. This seemed like the best night ever considering how much I missed going out. Plus, who does not want to feel like a rockstar?

Fast forward to just a little over a month later. I was juggling three sugar daddies and having the time of my life. Christopher always wanted to have fun and take me out on his yacht and enjoy the nice weather. Mark took me on two weekends away to California for his business, which meant I got to fly in a private jet and do a ton of shopping. Christopher just spoiled me. Every time we met up for a discreet evening together, he would shower me with presents. He even paid up my rent for six months, so I wouldn’t have to worry about work. Between the gifts, travel and cash, not to mention zero rent, I had made about $7000 in a short time. I quit my jobs.

That’s when it hit me, if I could pull this off, I could be wheeling in over $50,000 a year. I could probably even get some of my crushing student debt paid up. This is was going to be a lot of work, but I was determined to make a good income off my men.

Making It Work

The hard part is figuring out how to make it work by juggling sugar daddies and getting an income out of it. This is not a plan for the disorganized. If you are serious, you need to buckle down and be smart about this. It’s time to use your head for more than just head.

Be as organized as you possibly can. I knew Jason only wanted to see me at night, so I always made sure that I had at least two nights a week set aside for him. Mark wanted me for business trips, so I always asked him to let me know well in advance so I could re-work my schedule accordingly.

Let’s Talk About Money

You got the idea of how much I was making when I was just getting to know them. Here’s how I did it and some other helpful tips to give you extra cash and how to find a sugar daddy that’s right for you.

Never want anything. The number one rule in being a sugar baby. Never want anything. Men want to spoil you, they do not want to be asked for money or for gifts. If you refrain from asking for a lot of stuff you will get even more stuff. However, there’s no harm in hinting at what you might want. "I totally want to go to the Opera with you but the only suit I own is from prom and does not exactly go with the occasion." It’s as easy as just suggesting things you want without flat out saying you want them.

Presents: To Keep Or To Sell

It’s such a taboo thing to discuss, but we should touch on it. Do you keep all the presents? We all love being showered with fancy watches and designer suits, but every now and then you get a gift, in my case, a thick gold chain bracelet that you loathe. So the question is; do you sell it or keep it? I kept mine for three months and made an effort of wearing it every now and then to show off that I adored my man, but looking at it made think "Oh my God, I look like some Italian mobster from the 80s". It was hideous. It was Cartier, so I sold it for $700 and said it got stolen out of my locker at the gym one day.

Whenever Mark took me out of town for the weekend, I realized that meant my apartment was empty. Since the boom of AirBnb, I would secretly rent out small one bedroom apartment and make an extra couple hundred bucks while I was off somewhere on a small vacation. What’s the harm in extra money? Exactly! There is no harm in getting some extra money.

Keeping It Casual

The best advice I can give you is to keep it casual. There’s a million reasons why these types of relationships work better when you just don’t think about it. Keeping things casual makes all the difference.

Within a year of being a sugar daddy, I had raked in almost $70,000, which meant I could pay off a decent chunk of my student loans. It also meant my rent was taken care of. I never had to worry about not having money for groceries or extra cash to go out and have fun with my friends. This is what the point was. To be financially stable, even it was not going to be a forever thing. I just wanted to keep my head above water and there is nothing wrong with that. I went back online to pick up tips on what to do with my sugar daddies from other successful relationships.

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Keeping The Cash Flow Strong

We all know that men get bored super super quickly. So you have two options to keeping the cash flow strong. Both are very doable, but it is all personal preference. Only do what you are comfortable with. I’m sure there are other options out there, but these are just the main two.

The first option is to keep them entertained. This is beneficial because the longer you can be with someone and keep them happy the longer they will spoil you. Which is great. However, sugar daddies always want someone new eventually. You can find tons of ways to keep him interested. Be an amazing boyfriend. Cook for him, build him up, treat him great. Maybe even spoil him a bit since he’s spoiling you all the time. Easy peasy things that will make him want you more and for longer.

The other option is to always have someone new. With Private Arrangements, you can meet someone new every day if you wanted to. Private Arrangements is where to find a sugar daddy. It is the perfect spot to do it. They do background checks and allow to view has many men as you would like in your area. If you are seeking private arrangement or two, than you need to put yourself out there and start talking to more than one sugar daddy at a time. You can keep your cycle going for a while and switch it up when things get boring.

While for me, I went into this with no expectations. I thought I would meet some fun men, and get some spending money. I made a decent amount of money and some great friends in the process. I made a solid dent in my student loan payments. It is possible to make upwards of $70,000 a year by doing this. I hope my experience gives you some food for thought when it comes to looking for a private arrangement with a sugar daddy. This is about life and love and finances. You need to learn to either separate them or learn to live with them.

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