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What You Don’t Know About Seeking Private Arrangements

What they don't tell you about seeking private arrangement or about being a sugar daddy. A personal account of a real life sugar daddy to help you out.

What They Do Not Tell You About Seeking Private Arrangements

Everyone thinks that being a sugar daddy is something that is far fetched or taboo or just plain and simply not for them. Jack McKale will be the first to admit that this was how he felt. At first. There’s a lot that goes on beyond just the chat room on dating websites. Private Arrangements is now the new gay sugar daddy dating sitewhere to find a gay sugar daddy or gay sugar baby and now everyone is finding out how common this new trend of sugar dating is.

Being The Only One

Jack was naive. He thought meeting someone online and having them help him out financially meant that he was the only one they were seeing. At first, he couldn’t handle it. The idea that he was sharing a man was too much, but it’s something he can either learn to deal with or let it ruin his chances.

In 2007 in Atlanta, a survey was done that showed how sugar daddies in the homosexual community had at least three sugar babies. Some had more than that, but they stated that at one time on average, they have three. He was lucky enough to be the only one. He made sure of it.

Speaking from his personal experience with seeking private arrangements, he wanted someone who would meet up once a week at the most. Jack didn’t want it to be a big thing. However, it’s mostly done on his terms. Which, in the end, is fine for them. They never wanted a full time commitment and he never ended up meeting any of their other sugar daddies.

The Compensation Talk

"This was so awkward for me. How do you just bring up how you want to be compensated? If you are lucky they will bring it up first and it can be an open discussion." states Jack.

On Private Arrangements, where he met most of his boyfriends, in the bio section there is a drop tab that states what time of compensation you would like.

The spending habits that you can choose from are as such

  1. Negotiable
  2. Minimal
  3. Practical
  4. Moderate
  5. High
  6. Substantial

"This was great for me to see who was out there and what they wanted from me. I didn’t want someone who wanted something HIGH, but I was willing go to with negotiable and moderate." admits Jack.

Now compensation does not always mean cash in hand. There are a variety of ways that you can be compensated within the sugar baby lifestyle. 47% of sugar babies prefer to get cash in hand, while the others prefer to have gifts and shopping sprees.

Clothing And Gifts

This is honestly a great way to be compensated. You get a new wardrobe with tons of accessories and you get to keep all of it. New suits, new shoes, a rolex here and there? That is a comfortable way to live. That’s what Jack like. Clothing and gifts, you can’t go wrong with that. He always treats his sugar babies to a shopping spree at least once every two months.

Cash And Credit Cards

Jack had used this one a time or two after discussing with his sugar baby that paying down student loans was more important. He understood that sometimes dealing with crushing debt is more important than getting a Rolex.

"Sugar daddies I know often just give their sugar babies a credit card. They feel as though this is just easier than going out and shopping." Jack explains how his other sugar daddies compensate their babies.


This one is the best way to compensate on PrivateArrangements.com because it includes both of you.

"I treat them to exotic dinners, go sight seeing, give them some much needed life experience and they will thank you for it in the end. Travel is the best way to get to know someone to." Jack embraces the travel way to compensation.

Don’t Get Scammed

Normally, this subject would come up a lot sooner. Getting scammed in this internet day and age is just something that comes with the territory. However, it is easily avoidable if you can see the signs.

"Just gauge the situation, always meet them first before deciding anything. Keep it casual and meet them at a coffee shop or for a beer. Otherwise, just end it. No point in getting scammed out of money and getting nothing in return. While this is not my personal experience, it is the experience of people I know." admits Jack.

It’s About Companionship

This one is something most sugar daddies can not admit. Jack opened up to us about his experience with why he truly signed up.

"Personally speaking, with my sugar baby, I just wanted someone to come over at night and hang out with me. I was lonely. Sure, the sex was amazing, but I just liked having him there with me at the end of a long day. Hugging him or holding him whenever I needed to."

Take Advantage Of Private Arrangements!

You Will Get Judged

Telling people that you are a sugar daddy can also be difficult. A lot of sugar daddies fear that if they admit what they are, that people will think something is wrong with them if they have to pay for a financially beneficial relationship.

"I just liked the idea of being able to spoil someone. People didn’t understand. Unless they are super open minded or in one, it’s hard to understand." exclaims Jack.

Online dating and finding a gay sugar baby are not new concepts. They are things that have been around for decades now. Private Arrangements has just seemed to perfect it and wants to give its clientele the means to do your their thing.

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