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Seeking Private Arrangements And Being A Sugar Daddy

A very personal account of one mans experience before & after the internet & being a sugar daddy for decades. How one man is seeking private arrangements.

Seeking Private Arrangements And Being A Sugar Daddy

I have been a sugar daddy for over a few decades now always seeking private arrangements. I have seen it all. I’m not a young man anymore and I am comfortable with my life and my choices and now that I am nearing retirement I want to pass this along to you. It might be helpful for the first time sugar daddy, so you do not make the same mistakes I did. I also want to give you some insight into how things were different back before the internet. I’m not saying I’m a old guy, but I’m also not saying a young one either. Sugar daddies have been around prior to the internet. But thank God the internet came along when it did.

What I Learned About Sugar Babies And My Heart

Sugar babies can be devious at times and every now and then you will fall in love. If you luck out like I did (on the fifth try) you might be able to keep them for good. If you are not so lucky like I was (the other four times), you will get your heart broken. I could tell you something stupid like "never fall in love", but you can not control it. You can will it away all you want, you can deny it until the world ends, but the heart knows. It knows when you are in love and even if you never say it, you will feel it when breaks your heart.

However, now I know that I wasn’t meant for the white picket fence and the 2.5 children. I was meant to be free. I was meant to spend my days with the men I adore. Happiness is different to every person and this was mine. I can live with being a sugar daddy because each of my sugar babies makes me happy. You will never see me sad anymore. When one relationship with a sugar baby ends, another starts up. It’s the cycle of life and its the cycle in my life. Put yourself out there and give each one of them your heart and you’ll never be sorry. You’ll only wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

When It All Began

When I started out as a sugar daddy times were different. There was no internet to vet possible sugar babies and there was no sugar daddy dating blogs for me to read up to figure out how it was done. Looking for private arrangements was hard. Homosexuality was also not as accepted as it is today, so I had to find other means of getting myself a boyfriend. Trust me, when the internet happened, it was a beautiful beautiful thing. There was a bar in downtown Manhattan, the kind you needed a password to get into. Luckily, I knew a club promoter who was also gay and gave me the password to help me out. It was my first time being a gay club and feeling that accepted by like minded people. There was no Private Arrangements back then.

It was there that I met Bryan, the beginning to a whole new world. He was younger than me and looking for something fun and hoping to get paid. I told him I wasn’t into prostitution, but he informed me that he would be my boyfriend in any way or form I wanted and I would just pay him. His job would be to be my boyfriend. He wouldn’t see anyone else and it would all be on my terms. I thought this was crazy but he gave me his phone number anyways in case I changed my mind.

I did change my mind. I stopped seekingprivate arrangements. Being gay, it is hard to find a guy who wants to be with you openly and this would actually work out perfectly. Our relationship ended quicker than expected and he turned out to only be interested in the money and not even a little bit in me. I was devastated. How could someone be this mean? Little did I know, this wouldn’t be the last time I would have this problem. However, I learned to smarten up. I learned to love who I love and know that there was always someone else out there for me. Just because the relationship differs from the norm, doesn’t mean your emotions have to. Seeking mutually beneficial and private relationship can be a lot more fun than this.

Finding Online Gay Sugar Daddy Dating

By the time I decided that being a sugar daddy was exactly what I wanted, the internet was a big thing and I found several websites for being a gay sugar daddy, but recently I stumbled across Private Arrangements. The goal for the website was to connect sugar daddies with sugar babies. This was perfect and exactly what I needed. At this point, I had had non-sugar baby relationships, but personally speaking, I like having control over the relationship and sugar babies are fine with it.

This was where I actually met the man I am with today. He is ten years younger than me and a rather successful musician. If it wasn’t for Private Arrangements, I would have never thought to even look at him. Even after we were matched up i still thought "oh a musician, great?". We connected instantly though. But this is another story. I’m here to talk about everyone else I met on this website over the years. Back when dating around was my hot ticket to a great time.

I started out by messaging a few guys I thought were cute and remotely interesting. The world was getting comfortable with homosexuals being public with their relationships, so I was excited to always have a new hot piece of arm candy coming to events with me. It made me look way more desirable.

The first man I met on there was named Kyle and he was working in construction, so he was very muscular. I was a fan of that. He was very open with being gay, which was refreshing. He also said that while he wanted to be a sugar baby he also wanted to be a boyfriend. I thought this was perfect, so we started going out. I dressed him in the best suits and took him to the hottest events. However, after a few months we grew bored of each other. I needed someone with a bit more personality than someone from Long Island.

The second guy I met was Drake, a handsome thirty year old with a flare for life. He was a volunteer firefighter and owned his own restaurant. He was amazing. We went sailing and spent our afternoons relaxing lake side.

However, I couldn’t just be with him now that I have discovered this whole new world of sugar daddy dating. I had to put myself out there. I started seeing several men at once. People often ask "How can you live with yourself? This isn’t love." That’s the problem, not every kind of love is the kind of love that is portrayed in movies. The kind of love I shared with these gentlemen was simple, bare bones kind of love. It didn’t need it to last forever. It just needed to be there. I love my life, I love my retirement and my family. So what if I never settled down? So what if I never took that next step? I took a million steps in a direction that made me happy. Each one of these men did something for me and to me that changed a little bit of me. They shaped me. They made me complete. No marriage would have done that for me.

Private Arrangements helped me get connected with tons of people in my area. It was great for seeking private arrangements and where to meet sugar babies. I don’t know how I managed to do things before the internet, but I gotta say now that it’s here I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am.

I have known for years how to be a sugar daddy, but now I’m learning how to be a sugar daddy for this generation. I can find a new love every few months or stick with one for a while. The idea that I have options out there has really boosted my confidence. I can live with being a sugar daddy knowing that there is always someone out there who wants me.

Take Advantage Of Private Arrangements!

I took a chance and read their Private Arrangements articles and was pleasantly informed that people out there are having the same thoughts and concerns that I have been having. Like, what do I do with my sugar baby or what does he do with me? How much spoiling is too much spoiling? I honestly, think that last question was rhetorical. Obviously you can never spoil someone too much.

I owe all of my new found happiness to Private Arrangements for showing me how to put myself out there. They made it so easy to start up as well. Now I just find myself a new boy whenever things start to get boring and begin the cycle all over again. I don’t have to worried about being a married sugar daddy. I gotta say that is a pretty sweet way of getting around.

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