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Seeking Private Arrangements With A Married Sugar Daddy

Being a married sugar daddy comes with a certain need of seeking private arrangements within the rules that my wife and I have set for our relationship

Seeking Private Arrangements With A Married Sugar Daddy

Now a days, it seems that while the gay community is becoming progressive, the rest of the world seems to forget that they are people too. I am neither gay nor straight. I’m more sexually fluid than that. It’s become a lot more common to hear about someone who enjoys the company of either sex, but does not refer to themselves as bisexual or pansexual. I like what I like. I also understand that it is common for people to take on more than one partner, as monogamy is not in our genes.

I have been happily married for over 10 years. I met my wife in my second year at Yale and haven’t looked back. We have two beautiful children together, who we love greatly. One of the main reasons why our marriage works out so well is because I have a sugar baby on the side. I already know what you are thinking, how can I be happily married and still resort to cheating? It’s actually very simple. What I get from my sugar baby has nothing to do with my wife. I was seeking private arrangement and this was perfect for me. I love my wife and I will never leave her, but I need more than that. While I consider myself to be straight or gay, there are certain needs I need met that my wife just can not do for me.

After reading a ton of articles and deciding to go looking for private arrangements. I signed up with Private Arrangements. Best decision I have ever made. It’s the number one place on seeking private arrangements.

Why I Have A Secret Boyfriend

It is hard now a days with the amount of gay bashing and homosexual abuse that admitting to liking the opposite sex is hard. My wife is beautiful, I love her and we still make love all the time. However, there are a few things that she can not do for me. Sometimes I enjoy the touch of a man. So signing up with Private Arrangements was perfect for me. I could meet someone discreetly and get my fix of the same sex.

When I started out, I was talking to two guys at the same time, but neither seemed to want what I was looking for. They wanted something full time and that just wasn’t something I could offer them. It’s hard when you think about it, looking for a private arrangement. You need to find someone who is interesting enough to keep you interesting, but not someone who could ruin every thing for you. This was the tricky part, finding someone who was interesting and down to Earth while also have to be with and not going to spread it all over town that you’re having an affair. When seeking private arrangements, I found this. It was honestly a God send.

Compensation When Seeking Private Arrangements

This part was hard to work out. While I was always spending a ton of money on things like clothing, boating equipment, electronics; it wouldn’t be suspicious if I started spending more money on other items. When I met up with Samuel to discuss compensation, he said he didn’t care. He just wanted someone casual to be with. He couldn’t handle a full-time relationship and this was perfect for what I wanted. A great guy who didn’t want to be attached meant that I was finally able to have a financially beneficial relationship. We agree that I could take him on a shopping spree once a month and contribute to his college debt. This made things perfect, because when he shopped, I shopped, so it never looked like weird that I spent a ton of money at Bendels yet never came home with anything.

While my wife knows about it, I still try my best to keep a handle on things, so it does not become a habit of throwing away money. Just because I have extra cash to spare, does not mean I should be throwing it around on someone outside of my family. It’s just the right thing to do. I never let it get out of hand.

Talking To My Wife

Every year on our anniversary, we leave the kids with our nanny and fly away somewhere for a week or so to reconnect as a couple. She’s my rock. Three years ago I explained to her that while I loved her very much, I needed something more. While she does not 100% agree with me cheating on her, she understands that this is just something I can not get from her. We made a deal that it had to be discreet and the person was never allowed to come to our house, among others. This was something that helped out our situation a lot.

Our Rules

  1. The person can not be someone we know or who knows our friends.

  2. They can never ever come to the house for any reason.

  3. They must get checked out for STD’s as well as AIDS/HIV on a monthly basis.

  4. Social media was never allowed to be involved. (i.e. no photos, no friend requests, no shout outs, etc.) This should be obvious.

  5. They only got to take up spare time. Wife and children always come first no matter what. Even if something comes up last minute.
  6. You never spent more money on them than you do on your wife. That is just a fact of life right there.
  7. Never talk about it. Ever. Just because she is okay with it, does not mean she wants to hear about it.

Those are just our rules. These have been a life saver. Knowing my wife was okay as long as it’s on her terms have been amazing. Not to mention it shows respect to our relationship. Our kids never have to know, my wife never has to hear me talking about it all the time. I still love and make love to her several times a week and spoil her whenever the opportunity comes up. If everyone involved is okay with it, then that is the big deal? No one is getting hurt and we are both still a happy family. In the end ,that’s all I wanted for my wife and kids was a happy family. Having this outlet allows me to have that.

I Do Not Call It Cheatin

Others I know refer to what I am doing as cheating, but I look at it as an outlet. It’s a healthy vice that I use to keep my marriage on track. The sugar baby I have, we will call him Samuel to protect his privacy, I met on Private Arrangements. He was funny, young, beautiful and smart. I let him know up front that I was married and looking for something discreet. When I tell people this, they still do not get how I do not consider this cheating. Look at it this way, just because I want something discreet does not mean it’s wrong. I’m a nice guy. It’s like not flaunting your money to poor people, I do not flaunt my boyfriend to my wife. I don’t consider it cheating, my wife doesn’t consider it cheating. It’s honestly perfect. Looking at recent articles, I can happily say that I am not the only one that feels this way about it. It’s the perfect set up.

Take Advantage Of Private Arrangements!

Never Treat Him Better Than Your Wife

This is important. While I never had to learn this lessons, I know other sugar daddies who have had this problem. If you want to have a a set up that works for everyone involved, then you need to make sure that your wife, first of all, is always happy. Remember your sugar baby can get mad, call you names, but they can not divorce you or make it so you can not see your children. The saying goes "Happy Wife, Happy Life" and it has never been more true. Whether your wife knows about it or not, make sure they aren’t being neglected. Never stop having sex with them. Never stop telling her that you love her, and always spoil her. Things shouldn’t change because you need a little something else on the side.

Basically, having a sugar baby on the side is fine. It’s healthy, in fact. You don’t need to worry about your wife and you don’t need to worry about your sugar baby getting clingy. It’s perfect, I mean there are tons of stuff they don’t tell you that you find out on your own, but over all it’s been great and it has really helped my marriage. If you are looking for private arrangements I would honestly say sign up with Private Arrangements it’s the best place on where to find sugar daddies or sugar babies. If you are interested in where to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby, it’s the prefect place to go. You won’t believe how many amazing people are there. Plus it’s free to try. So why not?

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