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Seeking Private Arrangements Isn't Just For Men Anymore

Sugar mommas are becoming more popular in todays society. We have talked to some of our sugar mommas to give you the details on seeking private arrangements

Seeking Private Arrangements Isn't Just For Men Anymore

In the last decade, there has been a major spike in women becoming sugar mommas. We have found out that the new sugar momma dating site, Private Arrangements is in full support of this. We couldn’t be more happier that women are taking control of their life and their bodies. We recently interviewed a few sugar mommas to find out why they became sugar mommas and how it has helped them in their life.

They Are Intelligent

Jackie, 31 from Texas sat us and down and told us her story.

"I made money at a rather young by being a software developer. I had cash to burn and the whole clubbing and dating scene just wasn’t for me. I honestly just wanted someone who was at my level of intellect who I could carry a conversation with. When I signed up a two years ago, I started off dating younger girls in college, but that got old fast. So I looked in to the girls who had their post graduates and masters degrees. I was down for spoiling them, but I also wanted someone who could be at my level and want to talk politics and see the ballet. Very few lesbians want that. Plus, I’m not big on competition. Looking for private arrangements was a real confidence boost to see how many gorgeous women wanted to date me.I have had some amazing connections on here, some of which I am still very good friends with."

Smart women understand that dating is stressful. Breaking it down simply through Private Arrangements, you can find the match you are looking for. Make it known that you want someone with a good education who can hold up a conversation about topics that interest you both.

They Love Being Wanted

Tristan, 41 from Alberta discussed her emotions with dating in the sugar momma age.

"I was married for so many years and it was a broken relationship. I wasn’t having fun, we weren’t happy and I lost a big part of myself in it. When we broke up, I just wanted to feel wanted again. I wanted someone who wanted to be with me. I wanted to be able to take care of them without it for some reason starting a fight about money. I never want to brag or show off how rich I am, but I want to make sure whoever I am with is comfortable. It’s one less thing to worry about. I signed up looking for someone who would make me feel needed again. Something I was desperate for and had lost. I wanted to feel like me again."

Being wanted and being loved are somethings that often get lost in our dating society nowadays. They get taken for granted. This is why the divorce rate has shot through the roof in the last decades. Everyone is too concerned about themselves to notice that they have neglected their partner.

They Want Control

Teresa, 34 from New York came to us to talk about her OCD and her need to be in control of things.

"Growing up I was over weight, because food was the one thing in my life I could control. Then as I got older, it switched and lost a bunch of weight for the same reason. I have Obsessive Compulsive disorder that has caused me to always need in control of situations to help calm my nerves. It might be bad to say, but I use Private Arrangements because I was looking for private arrangements. I need to be in control of the relationship I am getting into. I’m not possessive by any means, but I need to know that I’m getting A, B and C from this person and that they will also provide me with D, E and F. I don’t get jealous, that’s not my thing. However, I need to know that I am the only one that they are seeing. Once we start something, I need them to delete their account or else I can’t handle it. Some women are fine with it while other are a bit more standoffish. That is how I know I can trust them of not. I’ve been dealing with my control issues, but when it comes to dating. I like things to be my way or the internet high way. I’ve had plenty of success with this as well. Met some amazing women and had great relationships. It has honestly helped me to know end dealing with my personal problems."

Being in control is something that most Type A people strive for. If you can control a situation, you can also control you emotions and how things will go. You can prepare for surprises that might come up and you can have the relationship you want on your terms. Taking charge and being in control is a turn on to most girls. It shows you as being powerful.

They Want To Experiment

Martha, 41 from California explains to us that sexually she wanted to try new things that she couldn’t do with her old partner.

"I feel naughty just talking about it. I always wanted to try certain sexual acts, but I was with someone for so long and they didn’t feel comfortable doing them. I wanted to bring toys in, switch up positions, just have a really good time with it. When the relationship ended, I signed up here looking to find someone who was sexually experienced and wanting to help me try some new tricks and moves. I found a few sugar babies who were amazing and totally open to the idea of getting down and dirty with a mature and some what inexperienced woman."

In your thirties and forties, it is proven that women have a second sexual awakening. The first one obviously comes in puberty or college when you have freedom. Finding someone to experiment with in your middle aged years can be not only confidence boosting but also healthy for you. You should feel sexy up until you are on your death bed. This is great way to feel young again.

They Want Someone Young

Kaitlyn, 38 from North Dakota talks about how she would rather have a college girl than someone her own age.

"I signed up to PrivateArrangements.com for the sole reason of meeting college girls. I have dated people my own age and they just aren’t as fun. If older men are allowed to date younger women, then why can’t I? I can keep up with them. I love going dancing, I’m Irish so I can drink all their cute little asses under the table. I honestly just love having fun and feeling young. It’s the number one reason I got involved with being a sugar momma. So I can spoil myself a college girl. Plus, they normally don’t understand that Michael Kors is cheap compared to other designer so it doesn’t end up breaking the bank and I still get to have the fun I have been craving."

Meeting someone young can make you feel young. We pay hundreds of dollars every year to keep our skin looking fresh and tight. When the secret all along is to just meet a college girl who you can keep up with and have a blast. We gotta tell you, we love our college girls. They are fun, wild and free.

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They Want Someone Mature

Kristine, 31 from Florida clams that older is better in way, shape or form.

"I have done the dating younger thing and honestly. I may not be old, but I need someone who is in their 40s or 50s. They just get it. They know what life is like and they know how to handle a situation like an adult. I crave the commitment I get from older women. I live for casual lazy Sundays and doing adult things like seeing the Philharmonics or a screening at the film forum. I was never the type to go out to bars every night and pick up girls. I was the reading Sylvia Plath in my bedroom while my roommate threw up from excessive drinking. I love older women. This site is perfect for that."

Sometimes older is better. You don’t need to live an exciting life to have one. These mature women know it and want someone who wants to lead that life style. Mature women understand life, check out PrivateArrangements.com about dating mature women. Dating for your age is perfect if you are over and done with young acts like club hopping and beer bongs. There’s a lot of pride in becoming a sugar momma for someone mature.

Knowing the motive about why some of the sugar mommas are on here can help you better find what you are looking for. Everyone has a preference, a type, a certain person they are looking for. Private Arrangements wants to make sure you are finding just that. We have some amazing tips to help with the first time sugar momma in case these don’t get you there.

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