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Where To Find Sugar Mommas And A Few Tips To Get Them

If you are nervous about being a first time sugar momma, we have come up with some tips & tricks to help you be successful and where to find sugar babies

Where To Find Sugar Mommas And A Few Tips To Get Them

So, you have signed up for Private Arrangements, now what? This is Katelyn Montrose’s first time making the attempt to be a sugar momma. She wants to make sure that she is on the right course and taking all of the right steps. Katelyn’s in luck because we have surveyed and interviewed many experienced sugar mommas to give her (and you) the tips she needs to be successful in her sugar baby endeavors.

Finding a sugar baby doesn’t have be complicated. Katelyn didn’t realize that she didn’t have to be nervous as a first time sugar momma. She had met every single kind of sugar momma there is without even realizing it. However, when she was seeking private arrangements for the first time and she didn’t know what to expect.

Stay Positive

Katelyn tried to not be too depressed about her situation. She sent out so many messages, but she received no replies. "Was I not sexy? Or did I come across as a bitch?" These were the thoughts that polluted her mind. She then realized, that sometimes lesbian sugar babies just didn’t check their messages as often as she did. If you go on a bad date or have a few bad conversations, try to just keep a positive attitude. She kept telling herself that there are plenty of women looking and mine could be signing up as we speak. She just had to keep telling herself to just stay positive and happy and they will come to you.

"Nobody likes a Debbie Downer. Don’t complain to potential sugar babies that you haven’t found anyone special yet or that you have only talked to bitches. Just stay positive," Katelyn recalls when talking about her first few dates.

Talk To More Than One

She once heard that if she wanted to go eeking private arrangements with a sugar baby online, then she needed to be talking to a few at a time. Katelyn couldn’t just naturally assume that whomever she spoke to first was perfect and the one for her. She needed to find someone that a) She could click with b) She was attracted to c) who feels the same about her. Granted, it is not unheard of to think that someone can meet the perfect match on her first try. It is just more likely that she will meet them in the four or fifth conversation rather than right off the top.

"Maybe I want to multiple date some of these women. It’s better to have a few on the go then none. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted. If you don’t know what you want, date around. It’s healthy." Katelyn encourages other sugar mommas to date more than one sugar baby.

Talk To More Than One

This is something that has taken her a lot of time to come to terms with: the whole notion of being herself. Katelyn kept masking who she was instead of just being honest with her contacts. In the end, the sugar babies will liked her for who was, not some fake person she created to impress.

Katelyn honestly thought she was boring, so she jazzed up her PrivateArrangements.com profile a bit. She thought that her job was boring and her hobbies weren’t good enough. She decided to try to make herself sound a lot more fun than she thought she really was. But she was wrong. She had better luck attracting a suitable sugar baby when she just described herself as she really was. She liked running, so she said she was athletic. She really did like going to the movies, and liked to debate them. She learned that when she just presented herself as she was, eventually someone would read her profile and want to meet her.

Have Fun Planning Dates

This part was actually really fun for Katelyn on top of being insanely scary. She always made sure dates with her were fun. She planned ice skating and hot chocolate with whipped cream. She loved amusement parks and playing those cheesy carnival games. She really liked late night beach picnics under the stars. Planning dates is the best part about dating. However, if you are running out of ideas check out the PrivateArrangements.com advice articles for some.

Have Fun Planning Dates

Try Not To Over Sell Yourself

"I went out on a few dates that ended horribly because I thought I needed to only talk about myself. They were there to get to know me and I was there to decide if they were good for me. I talked way too much about myself to make myself sound more interesting. After I realized how egotistical I was, I stopped doing it. I started asking them about what they liked, what they did, if they were in school. It made all the difference." Katelyn tells us about her experience with changing how she spoke on dates.

Just be cool and, ask your date questions about them. Get to know who they are and why they are on Private Arrangements. Find out what they like and see what kind of stuff you have in common with them.

Your Profile

This is the most important feature of PrivateArrangements.com. It’s a resume about yourself and it will be the first thing sugar babies see when they are browsing through the site. Katelyn had to make sure her profile was attractive and really showed off her good points. Her photos had to be clear and show off how fun she can be. She tried not to over edit them, but made sure that her skin is clear and that her photos had no obvious flaws such as ‘red eye’.

."My bio was dim at first, but once I realize it needed to change, I did. I talked myself up without sounding braggy and put myself out there to find someone who was like-minded. It eventually worked. I stayed positive."

Be Clear About Compensation

This is something every sugar momma has to make sure everyone knows about up front. Don’t get into a compensation agreement that you are not comfortable with.

"Let them know up front how much you are willing to spend or spoil them. If I say $3000 and they demand $5000 and I am not comfortable with that, then move on. I will find somebody who doesn’t take me for granted." Katelyn stated. Private Arrangements is great at making it known what kind of compensation a sugar baby wants. They state that 47% of sugar babies prefer cash in hand. "I was more about gifts and clothing, but it was good to know the stats," Katelyn tells us.

"I will happily spoil them if I want to, but I won’t be giving them an allowance of any kind. Sometimes I might even offer up a trip somewhere, granted I will only cover airfare and hotel and maybe a few dinners, otherwise we go Dutch. I figure the trip is enough and if they want to go shopping that’s on them." Jennifer Beech, 45, explains how she handles compensation with her sugar babies.

It’s Not All About Sex

Sugar mommas commonly understand that dating is more than just meeting to hook up with someone. It’s about a more personal connection and having feelings for someone. It is about companionship. Don’t get into these relationships thinking it is all about sex for money. It should not be that type of arrangement unless that’s what you want it to be. Find someone with whom you don’t mind spending time, in and out of the bedroom.

However, if you are just looking sex, make that known too. That way you have a better chance of finding a sugar baby who is looking for the same thing. This can lead to a mutually beneficial agreement. Always make sure that your intentions are known up front. If you are strictly wanting a Friends With Benefits type situation, or a No Strings Attached arrangement you need to make sure that everyone involved knows and understands. The less confusing you and your possible sugar baby can make things is better for both of you in the long run.

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Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day and finding a sugar baby that is right for Katelyn might not happen right away. In fact, it might take some time. "So, just take a deep breath and be patient. You will find your special sugar baby eventually and the relationship will be everything she wants it to be." Katelyn admitted.

When Katelyn signed up, she didn’t know what to expect. She knew that she wanted something. She wanted someone to be there with her. She didn’t mind spoiling someone or treating them to a better lifestyle. Katelyn signed up looking for something like that. She found it a few times and she knows she’ll keep finding what she wants. She just has to stay positive.

Our hopes is that checking out some of this information was able to help you be able to find exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to finding the perfect sugar baby for you, Private Arrangements has made it their mission to get you all the information you need. You will be happily spoiling a woman in no time. There are plenty of different types of momma out there. Find the one that’s right for you.

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