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How To Ease Anxiety When Seeking Private Arrangements

Remember that when you are seeking private arrangements, you are doing so because you don’t want any of the bad that comes with a relationship, only the fun.

How To Ease Your Anxiety When Seeking Private Arrangements With A Sugar Momma

I’ve been seeking private arrangements for a couple years now. I’ve had a few first dates that didn’t amount to anything, but that’s just the way that dating works. I signed up with a site called privatearrangements.com (more on that later) and from there, I found a sugar momma that I’ve been in a relationship with for about five months now. In that time, I’ve learned a lot!

Dating a Sugar Momma is bound to be an exciting time, but nerves can flair up and all sorts of questions can pop up into the mind of someone who has never been on a sugar date before. There are so many reasons why the first date might make a male sugar baby nervous, but I’ve come up with a lot of good ways to learn how to relax, and enjoy the first date along the way. Remembering that seeking private arrangements is all about convenience and fun, I thought that there had to be a way to make it easier. I didn’t want any of the bad that comes with a relationship, only the fun and the glory of these types of arrangements is that it’s only focused on the good. It’s all about enjoying life with another person and reaping rewards from them as they do from you.

Everyone has a different method of getting ‘into the zone’ for something big that’s going to happen. Sometimes people need a whole night prior to the event to prepare and relax. Some people just need a few hours before their event or date and everything is just fine. There are some crazy people out there who just need a couple minutes of deep breathing (wish I was one of those, I overthink everything way too much)!

After having a couple of first dates and then finally having a first date that really panned out well, I came up with a good list of methods that really helped me calm my nerves on that first date after seeking private arrangements.

Priority #1 : Not Showing Up Nervous To My Sugar Date

I quickly discovered that it is VERY important to not show up looking unconfident or nervous. On the very first date I ever had, the first few minutes were brutal. I was so worried that my Sugar Momma was not impressed with me. As we got to talking about what she was looking for in a sugar baby, she told me up straight: She wanted someone who has a youthful zeal and is prepared to go out and help her feel young again, do fun and exciting things, try anything once. That is YOUR role in her life. Help her feel young again.

Now when I get nervous for a first date, I make sure I have everything in place the night before. It makes it all so much easier. I am not a morning person, so I prepare everything beforehand and don’t have to think too much about getting ready. It’s all there for me and laid out so I can take my time and relax a little. There certainly is a bliss in waking up and having everything prepared for the day, I find.

I have found this to be especially true when I am going to be doing something exciting, but potentially stressful. When I have finally finished searching around on privatearrangements.com I move on to the physical date. That’s very exciting and very stressful for me. I want to live, laugh, and love like any other male sugar baby. However, these Sugar Mommas can be intimidating (which is also why I’m so attracted to them, what a catch).

When seeking private arrangements brought me to have a lunch date for my first date with a Sugar Momma, the morning was completely hectic for me. I learned a lot after that. It just makes sense to take this stress out of my life and have everything prepared before bed that night. I made a list of things I needed to do and before I went to bed, I ensured myself that everything was clearly laid out an easy to find. I chose the outfit for my date beforehand and its accessories and laid it out. I know some people just leave it in the closet at the front of their closet, but that wasn’t enough for me, I took it out and put in over a chair.

Getting More Into the Groove of Seeking Private Arrangements

As I continued dating, I found that there were other ways I could make my morning easier as well and this was especially important during the beginning of my experiences. I would take out my cologne and make sure I had everything I needed for my daily routine incredibly accessible. I’ve found that having a morning routine is incredible important for me and that it’s really important that a Sugar baby takes care of himself. A Sugar Momma does not want to have someone around her who doesn’t care for themselves.

Personally, I’m a tea drinker, so I would often grab my favorite tea and put it in the cup next to the kettle for the morning. I would also prepare a breakfast or have all the ingredients near the front of the fridge for me to use. It just made everything better trying to make every single thing easier by preparing as much as I could so I didn’t need to worry much.

Something else I would do, and I know it is just as taboo as being a male sugar baby, but I would often pamper myself a little before the date. I know far too many men that like to ‘pamper’ themselves, but are too afraid to admit it. What’s the big deal? And you know what the thing that I have found? Women like men who take care of themselves. It seems so stupid that we as a society have decided that a man can’t care for his body unless he is gay. It’s simply not true! I even had a Sugar Momma compliment me on how well I take care of myself.

The thing I have found about seeking private arrangements as a Male Sugar Baby is that a Sugar Momma is going to want someone who puts in the effort, so I always want to always look my best. I would take a nice long bath or enjoy a long steamy shower; listen to some of my favorite music, read a book, drink some tea, enjoy a movie. Just exist alone with myself and be calm. It works for me and it definitely helped me prepare for my Sugar dates.

Some people I know prefer to go out the night before. It’s not my thing, but a close friend and fellow Sugar Baby would do it all the time. He’d go out and have a night on the town with the boys and it helped him. I thought: Whatever it takes to really take care of yourself and relax, go for it. This has been a very important to do for the first couple of dates while I was still getting used to the lifestyle. I feel like it’s very important to let my mind focus on just me and don’t let myself worry too heavily about the date I found through sugar baby dating.

Most of the time, seeking private arrangements has brought me a date that wasn’t until the evening. When I could, I’d take the day to hang out and get into a good headspace. Of course, It wasn’t always what I could do. I was a college student, so when I had a school day, I would bring a healthy lunch for myself and take the time in the morning to truly relax, do some deep breathing, drink my favorite type of tea. Time and time again, I found that the Sugar Momma wanted my vitality and I couldn’t give her that if I was anxious all the time. I had to make sure I was in tip top shape for her when I would see her, which meant that I had to be well rested. Having a healthy mind and body. These things are SO important.

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How I Handled Really Bad Date Anxiety

There was this one time I was going out with a potential Sugar Momma and I was very nervous. I had done some research on her before. She was an incredibly successful surgeon, which meant that she was smart, too. Not only that, but she was impossibly good looking. All of my usual tips and tricks still didn’t work for me, so I took the chance and I reached out to my friends.

At first, I didn’t trust my friends to not laugh at my situation. I later found out that they were more than happy to talk to me about it. Stupidly enough, I thought I would have had to have been honest about the fact that it was a Sugar Date. No one said I had to let my friends know that I was going on a sugar date, but I did and luckily they understood. After all, girls talk a lot about their boys and their worries over them and so do guys but now, not only have I made a solid plan for myself on how to handle anxiety when seeking private arrangements, I have the Sugar Momma of my dreams.

Being brand new to PrivateArrangements.com, I had quite a few lingering doubts on whether this is truly the right lifestyle for me in the beginning. Now I can list off some reasons why I truly believe that this lifestyle is awesome. It’s all negotiated terms. I get to travel the world and live the high life. I get to be with someone who invests in me and my future. There’s so many other reasons why being a male sugar baby is rewarding.

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