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I’ve been a Sugar Baby ever since I was nineteen. I’m now Twenty-Seven and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve loved every minute of it-- with a few exceptions

Advice for College Girls Seeking Private Arrangements

I receive a ton of emails every day from young women in my area who are Seeking Private Arrangements. They ask me what it’s like to be a Sugar Baby and what advice I can give to them in order to make their journey into the Sugar Bowl a little bit easier. For those in the know, I’ve been a Sugar Baby ever since I was nineteen. I’ve been with privatearrangements.com for a few months now and I love the site, it’s my absolute favorite. I’m now twenty-seven and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve enjoyed every minute of it— with a few exceptions, of course. Nothing is perfect. I’m also not ashamed of it. Not one bit. I don’t boast about it every chance I get, but I certainly don’t hide what I do either, which is exactly how I’ve accumulated so many emails over the years.

One day, a friend and I were packing up for our weekend trip to the Bahamas (courtesy of a Sugar Daddy) and she said to me, "You know, you should write about your experiences as a Sugar Baby. With your positive attitude on the lifestyle, I think you’d do the world some good!" I laughed about it then, but as I continued to get emails from girls I’d met at this party, I thought maybe my friend was right.

Before I go ahead and answer some of the most recent questions I’ve found in my inbox, let me tell you a little about myself. For privacy reasons, (I’m not that much of a bragger) I will opt to use pseudonyms for all people herein, myself included.

So that said, you can call me Jessica. I like to think that I was a fairly average child. That all changed when my parents split up while I was in high school. Life became a lot more rocky for me then and my mother didn’t have a lot of money to get by. I, being the typical teenager, hated them for it and as soon as I was able to, I moved away and pursued college. That might have been a big mistake for several reasons.

When I hit college, it was a struggle to say the least. I juggled managing decent grades with late night bar work and the usual parade of parties and delinquency. Something needed to change. I was burnt out and getting nowhere. That was not where I wanted to be. I had ambition. I wanted to be in business. I wanted to make money. So what could I do? I took to the internet.

Being a woman, there are several jobs available for cash. The only problem is knowing how to protect yourself. I’ve always been a sex positive person and never found the idea of trading adult entertainment for cash as a negative thing. However, that would eat in to my time and not reap enough rewards for me the same as bartending. In my stalking, I found an article that talked about ambitious college women Seeking Private Arrangements. I thought to myself, ‘private arrangements?’ What on earth did that mean?

I read the article. It talked about something I’d only really heard of in passing. Sugar Daddies, and the ‘Sugar Bowl’. The article was written much like this, from an experienced Sugar Baby who wanted to impart her wisdom onto the young ambitious women looking to get through school and make their mark on the worlds. I felt so stoked to find something that might actually work for me. A man who would pay me to be their partner? Listen to them, be good company, have sex sometimes. Get regular money for it, gifts, vacations. The best part? They were successful and busy. I could even learn from them and wouldn’t need to see them all the time because they had their own lives to live.

Signing Up To PrivateArrangements.com

So I browsed around for some sites that I thought might be worth checking out. Some were a total bust and others reaped rewards for a little while. The first couple of dates were just as awkward as dating in any traditional way would be. Some of the men I found while Seeking Private Arrangements were just as gross and the average jock at my school. Nevertheless, I was persistent. That’s the only way to get what you want in life. While there were some good runs in the past, things really started getting good when I finally came across a site called Private Arrangements, which is the one that I am currently with. It’s layout is flawlessly clean and the selection of people is magnificent.

One day I wake up to a generous message. Let’s call the man Steve. He’s an entertainment lawyer, a little younger than the average sugar daddy, but even in the short hello he sent me, he managed to be quite charming. As we continued to talk, I thought maybe I found the golden ticket, so I promptly asked him out to which he joked about liking a woman who knew what she wanted. He really had no idea how true that was.

We went on a cute lunch date together to size one another up. He told me he was searching for private arrangements that were easy going and low maintenance. He didn’t have the time for a traditional relationship, but he did want someone to keep him company now and then. In exchange, he was happy to fly me around when he went on business trips and more than glad to take me to parties and dress me for the part. He offered an allowance of $12,000 a month. Done deal.

That was my first Sugar Daddy when I was only 19. Throughout the next two years of my life, he gave me plenty of great opportunities to start my own professional ventures and the confidence to do so. This was exactly what I wanted, and by the time we finally decided to part ways two and a half years later I had several great contacts in my pocket and a good savings. Thanks Steve.

As I continued my adventures in the Sugar Bowl, I picked up a lot of tips and tricks. Things to look out for. People to avoid. So in the last part of this I will impart some of my wisdom onto you, the new faces that are Seeking Private Arrangements.

Seeking Private Arrangements? Here’s Some ‘Need to Know’s

Alright, girls. You’re tired of slaving away and not getting ahead and not making those college loan payments, so you’re seeking private arrangements to do so. There’s a couple things you’re going to have to do in order to really get the most of it, let me share my experience.

What I did when I first started seeking private arrangements was I did a little soul searching. It’s no joke! I really had to consider whether I could actually handle the emotional and psychological aspects of the Sugar Life. It’s obviously not for everyone and it’s especially not for someone that has some romantic ideals about sex. Luckily, I didn’t fall into that category, but I really had to work on leaving behind the conventional attitude and forget what society has told you a relationship needs to be. Even though I knew this was what I wanted, I had a hard time with it.

Then there is finding the Sugar Daddy. Where the hell do you do that? Obviously my first thought was online, so I did some searching and found that there were plenty of sites out there that I could sign up with. Many of them are FREE for Sugar Babies, but charge the Sugar Daddy and like all sites, I had to be careful who I was talking to. Im my time, roaming around the online sugar dating scene, I’ve never come across a particularly BAD site, but there are some strange people out there, so it was a matter of using common sense and NEVER going to their place on the first date (which some had asked of me). I would always pick a public spot, make the date short.

When it comes to sites, I’ve heard some good things about privatearrangements.com. Like some other well known sites, Private Arrangements hosts several great articles and blog posts that will help you along the way.

Sugar Daddies Are Online Now!

Another really important thing I would consider when I started out dating was research. On my first date, I’d figure out first of all, is he even real? Most Sugar Daddies hold pretty high positions in the world. They’re successful men. So if I couldn’t find out anything about them, that’s was bad sign.

This one time, there was a promising Sugar Daddy who said he was a CEO of some auto sales company. We had been talking for quite some time and stupidly enough, I didn’t research too much on him until he proposed a face-to-face meeting. At that point, I thought, ‘Oh, right. I should check out his credentials!’ I found nothing. Not a thing. Of course after that, I blocked him and went on my marry way.

There’s plenty of ways to learn about someone’s annual income. If he is important enough, this information can usually be found. From then on, I would always make sure to gather some details about whether he's married or not and find out some of his hobbies as well as his working situation and his income. This way, I was prepared to meet him and knew exactly what I was getting into.

All these little lessons I learned definitely helped me find the perfect man.

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