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Where To Find A Sugar Daddy Online & How To Date Them

Let’s talk about non-conventional relationships. Today we’re going to be talking about where to find a Sugar Daddy and how to date them. It's not always easy.

Where To Find A Sugar Daddy Online And how to date them

The North American slogan this year seems to be ‘It’s 2016, get over it’ and a lot of people seem to be pretty on board with that, especially when it comes to things like relationships. Are we done with being so stuffy? Can we please stop caring about what other people are doing UNLESS it is of direct interest for you to learn about it? Enough with the homophobia and transphobia. Enough with slandering people in non-conventional relationship, and seriously? ENOUGH with the sex shaming.

So let’s talk about non-conventional relationships. Today we’re talking about where to find a sugar daddy and how to date them. For many people, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and a lot of people just don’t have time for all the strings that come with a traditional commitment. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. The concept of having a Sugar Daddy to help you kickstart your life and support you through your younger years is becoming less and less taboo. Let’s go back to this years slogan: ‘It’s 2016, get over it’.

So if you’re tired of the conventional and want to figure out where to find a sugar daddy, we’ve done some research and spoken with a couple of Sugar Babies to get their insight on the matter. One of the best people we spoke with during the research process was Beth, a twenty-five year old who recently graduated and was looking to start up her own travel agency.

"I’ve had a Sugar Daddy for about three years now." Beth shared. "It took a while to find the right fit, but boy when I did… I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Johan, my lovely french artist. For a Sugar Daddy, Johan was young. He was about forty six years old when we first met."

Typically a sugar daddy is a little older than their forties. According to a 2013 online dating poll, about 90% of Sugar daddies are over fifties. However, with private arrangements becoming more and more common, the sugar bowl is getting younger and younger. In the last three years, the number of Sugar Babies under 50 has risen about 15%. So the big question is this: where to find a sugar daddy and how to date them?

Seeking Private Arrangements Online

This might seem obvious to most people but, it’s especially harder these days to find a Sugar Daddy anywhere, but online. In that lies another problem, however. There are so many places to check out and look into. Take privatearrangements.com for instance. It has a great blog section with real sugar tips for Sugar Daddies AND Sugar Babies of all experience range.

"Most of these sites are catered more toward the sugar baby, which is good news for us." Beth said. "They take great care to making the experience a safe one, but there are things you need to do to make sure your own experience is a safe one too."

Once Beth discovered where to find a sugar daddy online, she thought… why not give it a try? It was the first step she made in going toward the sugar bowl. Like all dating sites, you have to fill out a profile about yourself. It’s not different on privatearrangements.com.

"The most important thing about making an online profile is honesty," Helen said; another Sugar baby we ended up speaking with online. "Trust me, nothing has been more irksome than reading A and ending up with Z on the first meeting."

The first thing that Beth discovered from her brief encounter with private arrangements was that Private Arrangements is all about convenience and NO MATTER what kind of woman you are, there is going to be a Sugar Daddy who wants you. "So just be honest," Beth reiterated. "Just be honest. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste his."

Studies have shown that when someone is trying to date online, not only is honesty important, but proper spelling and grammar is as well. Approximately 80% of messages sent out, do not receive a response because of this very reason. In a recent survey, 96% of sugar daddies said they immediately ignore a profile that doesn’t read intelligibly. The same survey showed that sugar daddies are NOT interested in sugar babies that want to show themselves off or talk dirty publicly. Chances are high that a scandalous photo of yourself on your profile is going to do more damage than good.

"No spelling mistakes," Beth said. "Keep an eye on your grammar and form proper sentences. As for the content? DON’T make it dirty. He is a Sugar Daddy, someone a couple generations older than you. Keep that in mind. You’ll also want to make it short and sweet. No long rambling. Leave some space for mystery. Entice him!"

The next step was photos. Beth had done a lot of research into what makes a good profile and what photos to use so she put some of that into action. She chose photos that were clean, well lit, and didn’t highlight any of her less than savoury activities.

"When you’re choosing your photos, there’s some really big don’ts." Helen, another sugar baby and friend of Beth’s agreed. "DON’T put up anything scandalous. DON’T put up a photo of you and your friends drinking. DON’T put up a photo of you and an ex."

Beth thought it was common sense, but after viewing some photos on another site that she was on when she was just starting out, she found that maybe it wasn’t as common as she thought it was. MANY people don’t get the results they want because of the photos that represent them. Approximately 70% of women who have poor lit photos or scandalous photos, get a single night and are never contacted again. It’s been found that flirty is fine, but he is looking for someone refined as well.

"If he is interested in seeing your nudes right away, RUN. You don’t want that. You are a WOMAN with ambition and dreams, don’t let him treat you anything less." Beth said.

Filling Out Your ‘About Section’ When Seeking Private Arrangements

The next thing Beth had to do was an ‘About Me’ section. In an online dating survey addressing what the most difficult part about starting online dating was, approximately 81% of respondents said the ‘About Me’ section was the hardest part to fill out in their profile. ‘About Me’ sections are often difficult for people. It’s entirely common that a person will write too much or too little. Several surveys have shown that people who brag on about themselves for too long are a huge turn off. People who don’t tell enough about themselves also don’t receive any responses either.

"Short and sweet," Beth said. "And not only that, but the way you write the profile piece should easily shows off your personality."

If aspiring sugar babies can manage this, then you’ll be just fine, according to both Helen and beth. So what comes after this, then?

"When dating online you have to learn to protect yourself," Helen said. "And I’m not just talking about condoms, here. Those are good too, though.

Helen talked about her experience when she was just starting out in the sugar bowl as well and more importantly what she learned from it. While online dating is really a great way to find what you need, it can be incredibly risky because you don’t actually know who it behind that screen at first.

"A lot of good sites like privatearrangements.com have moderators that will get rid of any bad behavior or suspicious activities, but it is still YOUR job to know how to protect yourself." Helen admits.

Sugar Daddies Are Online Now!

The first thing you want to do once you’ve made your online profile is do a little research. As mentioned above, privatearrangements.com has a wealth of articles and several current blog posts to help you get your footing in this exciting world. Take a look at all they have to offer.

Within a few moments of Beth first joining the Sugar Bowl, she received a wealth of interesting messages. Beth wasn't really sure if she should have given them all a chance, but she did. Soon, she learned to filter out the weird messages and the ones that would come to me with rude, crude, or immediately sexual requests.

"These are the men you don't want to hook up with!" Beth added in.

"I remember my first experience as well." Helen continued. "It took some patience, and a little more reading up on how to be a good Sugar Baby, but I soon learned found my lovely french gentleman Johan who very literally changed my life!"

Overall, this lifestyle seems to be getting more and more popular. There are so many Sugar Babies out there that have fantastic experiences and nothing but good things to say about the Sugar Bowl.

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