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Sugar Mama Shamelessly Seeking Private Arrangements

I started to hear about the words private arrangements and Sugar Daddies. Well, if there were Sugar Daddies, why couldn’t there be Sugar Mamas?

Sugar Mama Shamelessly Seeking Private Arrangements

I’ve been a powerhouse since I was sixteen. I’m now sixty-two and still going strong. Back then, it was unheard of for a woman to be as ambitious as I was and I received a lot of slack for it. I Knew what wanted what I wanted. Money, boys, a fancy car that was mine. I was going to be in control of my life, no one else. I wanted to go to shows and have men fall over me and buy me drinks and try to come home with me. Try, that was. Oh, yes. I was a killer back in my day and they had all sorts of names for me. It didn’t matter because I knew I was going to get what I wanted. I was chief editor of a well known magazine by the time I was twenty-five and I knew I was going to own it all one day. I got what I wanted.

Things started to get boring around the time I was forty. I didn’t want a man spoiling me, doting on me, catering to me. It just felt so conventional and I was anything but conventional. I wanted someone younger, someone fresher, someone that I could spoil and frankly… someone that could keep up with me in the bedroom. I had no idea where to look, but I knew I was charming and rejection didn’t really phase me, lord knows. So I started seeking private arrangements. Back then, the internet dating scene wasn’t what it is now.

I found a couple of men who were really into the idea of an older dominant and successful woman taking care of them. This kind of relationship continued for a couple of years or so until they decided to move on and during these times I started to hear about the words private arrangements and Sugar Daddies. Well, if there were Sugar Daddies, why couldn’t there be Sugar Mamas, I wondered.

The internet was really starting to take off by this time so I sat myself down and decided to do a little research. It was completely unsurprising to me to find that this sugar dating lifestyle was more commonly catered to older men with a lot of money and younger women seeking money. I found a few leads, however, and dug a bit further. After all, I’ve never been turned off by tough odds. There were a couple sugar momma dating sites that I came across which boasted about having something for everyone and a few dates came from them. I met a young stud from Brazil and we had out little fun together for about a year and a half before I decided to let it fade. The pickings were incredibly slim.

Most of my experiences until recently have been like this. Few and far between, and I thought to myself that in this day and age, it was such a disappointment to still see such a bias against successful women. There had to be somewhere. I tried talking to a couple of my male friends who were in the Sugar Bowl and get their opinion. Finally someone had a good suggestion, he suggested this site called privatearrangements.com claiming that it had a good mix and had the largest population of male Sugar Babies he’s ever seen. This interested me.

I was excited to come home and start up my profile for seeking private arrangements, but first I had to do some research. The site was easy to navigate and it held a good quantity of articles for people who were curious about the lifestyle. It was becoming more and more difficult to date in this kind of lifestyle in any other fashion, but online. There had to be something. Where were my boys? I had so much left to give.

So I took the risk and signed up. What’s a couple bucks going to cost me, really? If all else fails, I had a few interns at the office I could squeeze some sugar out of (you might, by this point, come to notice that I have no shame). When I threw down the money to open an account, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to create a sugar momma dating profile. Everything was very straightforward and the pool of male Sugar Babies to choose from was impressive. Finally, I thought. I was going to get what I wanted.

Seeking Private Arrangements Online

Since the first time I joined privatearrangements.com, I came to realize the benefits of joining an online community like this. When someone is seeking private arrangements, it can be very difficult to find someone anywhere else, but online nowadays. Things aren’t like they used to be and most people are more awkward looking for private arrangements face to face than ever before. Using an online community like privatearrangements.com helped ease both my matches and I into deciding whether we wanted to take the conversation offline or not through a safe and easy to use messaging function.

The first thing I noticed about the messages I was receiving was that these young men were either incredibly sophisticated and lovely or really had no idea how to speak to an older woman at all. In all honesty, some of the messages I received were hilarious. I didn’t respond to any of them that weren’t what I was looking for, but they can rest peacefully knowing they gave me a good hearty laugh.

The first date from privatearrangements.com I went on was with a man named Aaron. Now, I like to be a bit cheeky both with how I act and what I wear. I’m not about to lie, I have a pretty high sex drive even now. I enjoy being sexy and making people’s head turn, so we chose a nice little restaurant for dinner and I wore a sleek red dress with a low neckline just to tease a little and see how he’d act.

To my surprise, he was incredibly decent. A handsome young fellow from New York whose parents were stock brokers. Which made me wonder why on earth he might need my help? As we started talking, he’d tell me a little bit about what he enjoyed. His family was a traditional one and wasn’t fond of the fact that he was interested in what he was. He liked to race, had a couple of tattoos and was in with the ‘wrong crowd’ so he moved away as fast as he could and was determined to make his own without the help of them.

I could respect that, and besides the danger was fun. I did always like things a bit on the wild side. Aaron was impressively intelligent all the same so on the second date we decided to negotiate. I wanted to know more about his goals and what he needed from me.

He wanted help getting a sponsor. Someone that could actually get him into the game of professional racing. I wasn’t surprised to hear that the sport was very expensive and took a lot of investment and risk so I was happy to help him out in that area. Personally, I wanted a cute and exciting boy to do fun things with and since he seemed inclined to speed around town, I felt like our personalities were well matched. I liked his ambition and desire to make his own way very much.

So we started a mutually beneficial affair. When you’re seeking private arrangements, there is something important you should know: never settle for less than what you want. There are options out there, even for Sugar Mamas. Someone will come along and want to give you exactly what you’re looking for and they will be happy to do so.

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Seeking Private Arrangements With Younger Men

There are some important things I found out when seeking private arrangements with younger men. In the same way that I have my own life and my own circle of friends, they do too. I had to keep in mind that there is a generational gap between the two of us and I couldn’t expect this relationship to be a traditional one, because it isn’t. I needed to allow them their space and their time with their family and their friends and never expect to get to know any of those things from their life.

I’m not sure why seeking private arrangements is still taboo in this day and age, but trust me when I say that a twenty-two year old bringing home a fifty year old to meet the family is not going to work out. I have definitely learned how to be discreet with my Sugar Babies. For me, I acted as one of his sponsors and supported him in a management way. No one really became any wiser to what was really happening and we spent several years having the time of our lives. He’s since found a woman of his age and married, but we still get together sometimes and chat.

I have to tell you, I’m happy I chose to start seeking private arrangements when I did. It’s very difficult for a Sugar Mama, but there are people out there and it is incredibly rewarding.

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