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How Sugar Mamas Are Seeking Private Arrangements Online

Find out how one sugar momma started seeking private arrangements with young, hot men online. It has never been easier to find a male sugar baby online.

How Sugar Mommas Are Seeking Private Arrangements With Hot, Young Men

For a Sugar Mama, even nowadays, the pickings can be slim. A strong woman who has been successful still finds herself in a difficult space when she wants a relationship that’s a little less conventional. We sat down with Jackie, a 46 year old Sugar Mama, to learn more about her experience in the Sugar Bowl and if she could impart some wisdom for those looking to start getting involved.

"Maybe we just naturally intimidate the young male folk with our push up bras, stilettos, and fat wallets." Jackie said.

Jackie was an Art Appraiser with a formidable online magazine and ran a small gallery in Los Angeles (we have used a pseudonym for privacy). She became interested in the Sugar Bowl after her last long-term relationship fell apart due to the amount of distance between the two people and how often it was.

"I didn’t want something high maintenance," Jackie said. "But of course I wanted someone, and someone that was youthful as well as fun was right up my alley."

She heard about Sugar Momma dating in passing one day while she was having a drink with a couple friends. At first, someone joked that maybe Jackie needed to pay a man to stay as her companion, but after a short while she started to think it over and did a little research. That is what brought her to privatearrangements.com.

Seeking Private Arrangements On The Newest Dating Site Online

PrivateArrangements.com is like any other site on the market at first glance. It has the same features, same profile layout, same messaging systems. It even hosts a blog that has several articles with great tips for the sugar lifestyle. So what makes it any better that the others? After some research, we found that it was the numbers. The amount of male sugar babies and sugar mommas that are on this site far surpass the number that we have seen anywhere else.

"When I found the site, I immediately became excited," Jackie said and then joked: "Yes, please. Give me those young studs."

Jackie told us that when she first started dipping into the Sugar Bowl, she wasn’t as up to date with what the lifestyle was all about as she would have liked to have been. If you’re not prepared to dip in, you’re going to have a hard time getting what you want from the lifestyle. So what is a Sugar Momma, anyway?

"Well, she is an established and successful older woman who is seeking private arrangements with younger men." Jackie said bluntly. "The trade usually involves money and sex and before you ask what makes it different than being with an escort, I’m going to get to that."

Jackie told us about a period called negotiations. It’s where the sugar momma and the male sugar baby settle the terms of what their relationship is going to be. This means both parties get to discuss in full disclosure what they want and need from the relationship. Every private arrangement is based on this kind of communication and respect for one another.

"If you think about it, every relationship trades sex and money." Jackie said. "Your husband pays the bills and you put out. Throw a bit of fuzzy feelings in the midst and there you go, but it just isn’t worded that way."

When a Sugar Momma is learning how to date a Sugar Baby, they have to understand, in full, the reality of the relationship. Private arrangements are very rarely long-term. On average, a Sugar Relationship lasts between one year to five years, but the goal is never to stay with your Sugar Momma.

"You have to be prepared for your Sugar Baby to want to move on from you and that’s not a bad thing! He’s received everything you had to offer, you’ve had some great times, and now you both need to go your separate ways." Jackie said. "If you have attachment issues, it’s advisable to not get too close to your Sugar Baby. That just turns out poorly each and every time."

After learning about what to expect from the Sugar Bowl, the next step in achieving the goal should be a given. Jackie told us about the difficulties in finding a Sugar Baby offline nowadays. An online dating survey asked several male Sugar babies worldwide where they look for their Sugar Mommas and as little as 3% of them stated they looked for them offline in places like galas, yacht clubs, and high end bars. Almost all replies stated they used an online platform.

"With an online Sugar Momma Dating site, everything is far more secure and safe." Jackie said. "It can be embarrassing for the male Sugar Baby to be seeking a private arrangement with an older woman, a Sugar Momma. Young boys have been told by society that they have to be strong and invincible. They have to be the providers. They have to be the dominant one. Not all of them want that and not all of them need that, but the pressure is unreal!"

Jackie also revealed to us about the pain of roaming through hotels, restaurants, and clubs just to try and find someone who might possible be interested in a little fun. She recalled one night where she ended up spending all her time to find out the young man whose caught her eye and wasn’t at all interested.

"Honestly, when I was trying to learn How To Find a Sugar Baby, I was so relieved when I came across privatearrangements.com." Jackie said.

Joining a site like privatearrangements.com guarantees that neither side will be wasting time. Online dating in general has become incredibly popular. The trend of people using online dating sites has gone by almost 50% in the passed six years. Online sugar dating is no different.

"I was seriously impressed with how easy it all was." Jackie told me. "You just need to sign up, MAKE YOUR PROFILE, and search up what you’re looking for. I’ve heard a lot of sites don’t have very many male Sugar Babies but this one has such a selection!"

There are several highlights to note when someone is thinking about joining a site. Not only is seeking private arrangements becoming more and more common in America and worldwide, but with online dating in general rising in popularity it only makes sense to join a site and give it a go.

"Think about it this way: have you ever had someone hook you up with someone else?" Jackie started. "They can be fun, but boy can they also be a disaster! Unlike blind dates or those times you go out for a night to scope around the meet market, you’re NOT obligated to chat with, charm, or spend time with someone."

A website like Privatearrangements.com makes it easy to only respond to who you want to respond. You can browse and chat with someone online all from the comfort of your own home and if you get bored with someone you can simply stop responding. The messaging software makes getting to know someone much safer and more convenient than it would be if you were stuck at a bar and forced to tell the person you’re chatting to that you have to hit the washroom in order to slip away from them.

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"Don’t find their conversation engaging enough? No problem." Jackie said. "Stop chatting."

Unlike a traditional face to face date, people who use online dating sites don’t have to pay for the bill and call it a night when things just aren’y going well.

"It is so tiring when you go out several nights a week and find no one interesting. You end up collecting the numbers of several people that won’t call back, aren’t interested, or didn’t even give you the right number." Jackie lamented.

Studies show that several women who use the meat market to find a Male Sugar Baby end up giving up due to the annoying mess. Most first meets don’t go any further because of incorrect information exchanged on the night they met or because the male Sugar Baby got what he wanted: a couple of drinks and a bit of fun.

The biggest question and ending question we had for Jackie was what sugar mommas should look for in a male sugar baby. As expected, she had a lot to say on the matter.

"Let’s get passed this whole ‘personality means everything’ hogwash," Jackie began. "While a personality will certainly make them stay around, you want to be attracted to the person you’re giving your experience, time, money, and body to. It’s just the way it is. That doesn’t mean that the conventional beauty standard is exactly what everyone is looking for because it isn’t! but be picky. You are allowed to be picky."

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