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The Real Truth About Seeking Private Arrangements

As secretive as the lifestyle of Seeking Private Arrangements can be, eventually the cat comes out of the bag.

The Real Truth About Seeking Private Arrangements

As secretive as the lifestyle of Seeking Private Arrangements can be, eventually the cat comes out of the bag. When you see someone young hanging off the arms of a still attractive, but senior man, or as some like to call them: silver fox, you get curious. It’s hard not to judge, but the lifestyle has become extraordinarily popular over the passed couple of years and it’s about time someone starts exposing the real truth about seeking private arrangements: they aren’t bad and they aren’t dirty.

"Whenever I’m at a cocktail party or the opera, I often get approached by curious young women who tell me that they might be seeking private arrangements and ask me to tell them what it’s like," A young french Sugar Baby named Claudia said.

Seeking Private Arrangements is like any other relationship and it’s becoming bigger for a reason. There is no hiding things and no lying. The way that a private arrangement works is very straight forward. In a private arrangement, there’s no need to hide anything from your partner. You both know what you want. You lay out your terms: things you will do and won’t do. You set your allowance and away you go.

"If you find a REAL Sugar Daddy, he’s going to be crystal clear with you and YOU have to be crystal clear with him." Claudia said, and then added, "Kudos to those people who like to be in and can manage a traditional relationship, but that’s never been my cup o’ tea."

More and more people are coming to the conclusion that these mutually beneficial affairs actually makes sense! Recent studies have shown that approximately 38% of women in college are paying off their student loans through a Sugar Daddy.

"A lot of traditionalists don’t want to hear the reality of this type of relationship," Claudia said when she was asked about her thoughts on traditional relationships versus private arrangements. "They want to be stuck in their fantasy that the traditional relationship ISN’T full of dysfunction and trouble."

That’s not at all to say that someone can’t have a traditional relationship that isn’t healthy and happy, but let’s face it: society pumps out so many lies, expectations, and illusions on what to expect that when a person doesn’t get it they become very disappointed and that disappointment often doesn’t lead to conversations with the partner, it leads to lies.

So What Are The Pros About Seeking Private Arrangements?

It’s a negotiation. This fact alone is one of the biggest pros of the lifestyle. There’s no subtle hints or unspoken expectations. Everything is there out in the open. He wants to have sex. He wants someone to listen to him when he’s had a hard day. He want a nice arm piece when he goes out to cocktail parties. He wants someone to spend money on. Sugar babies want nice clothing. They also want help getting a business off the ground. Young women want extra spending cash and exotic vacations. When both parties agree to the terms, that’s when the relationship starts. Sometimes there’s even a physical contract involved, but not always.

Not only do you get the negotiations out of the way as soon as possible but the fact is we have found in our studies that the Sugar Daddy is a busy man, which matched up perfectly with a Sugar Baby who isn’t interested in Mr. Clingy.

"He’s not going to always be there calling on your attention. He’s going to give you a lot of time to yourself and a lot of room." Claudia said.

In fact, we have found out that it is common for some Sugar Babies to have two Sugar Daddies.

"On that note, though? don’t talk about your other Sugar Daddies." Claudia said. "It’s just rude. When you’re with one of your Sugar Daddies, you’re with him and him alone."

Many people get involved with the sugar lifestyle because they want to live in style and comfort. A Sugar Daddy is not going to want his Sugar Baby to look anything less than stylish.

"I remember my first Sugar Daddy took one look at me and said, ‘our next date we’re going shopping’." Claudia said. "Someone could have interpreted that poorly, but when I thought about it, that was exactly what I wanted. I was just a college girl with some big dreams."

Claudia also mentioned that it is important to learn to not take some things personally.

"That doesn’t mean he can treat you poorly, but just don’t be hyper sensitive. If he wants to dress you up then take advantage of that. That’s what he’s for, right?" She further explained.

If you play your cards right, a sugar baby can be flown all over the world. The number of sugar babies that go out on their own with the money and gifts given to them from their Sugar Daddy is extremely high. It’s one of the biggest perks involved in the lifestyle.

"I’ve been to huge ballets, broadway, exotic island getaways. I get to take my friends on shopping trips in New York. I get to bring a couple girlfriends along for a weekend in Hawaii." Claudia said. "Plus? I’m debt free and I have paid off all my student loans. Now tell me, what is wrong with that?"

Is the Lifestyle For You?

The most important thing any Sugar Baby can do before they go forward with their choices of becoming a Sugar Baby is to determine whether this is really a good relationship for them. We’ve scouted several Sugar Bowl websites and recently came across privatearrangements.com

It boasts an amazing selection of over 100 blog entries that cover topics ranging from how to send the best first message to things you should look out for when dating a Sugar Daddy. privatearrangements.com is an excellent source for you to look up information and current Sugar Dating trends.

privatearrangements.com also has a online dating profile component that has a membership of over 5,000 people. It might seem like a small number, but it increases the chances of actual finding someone. If you’re seeking private arrangements, It is always highly suggested to join a few websites, however.

"You can’t put all of your eggs in one basket," Claudia said. "You have to spread it out and take everything the world is willing to give you."

In a recent survey conducted by privatearrangements.com addressing what makes a good Sugar Baby, the results were overwhelming from Sugar Daddies. The biggest and most desirable thing in a Sugar Baby according to the survey was confidence.

Sugar Daddies Are Online Now!

"No Sugar Daddy is going to want to date a woman that doesn’t have confidence in herself or in the fact that this is what she wants." Claudia said. "While it is completely natural to want reassurance and to have cold feet, but don’t let that show to him. Take those concerns to a friend. If you don’t have the confidence quite yet, then you’re going to have to fake it until you make it, boo boo."

While it seems like confidence should be something any Sugar Baby has automatically, studies show that most Sugar Babies start getting involved in these relationships because they need help with finance and business. Only after awhile, do they start to build their confidence with the help of their Sugar Daddy.

"Make sure you sleep well and eat well is what I always say." Claudia added in. "Make sure you take the time to take care of your needs and your body. Go ahead and buy a couple of nice outfits that make you feel powerful and beautiful. These small little things help more than you can imagine."

As far as we can tell, the real truth about seeking private arrangements is that it is about convenience and fun. There’s nothing shady, weird, or wrong about it.

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