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A Sugar Baby's Story On How To Find A Sugar Daddy

The idea of being paid for your company is not a new one. While our society had frowned upon it, many are looking for info on how to find a sugar daddy.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy : A Sugar Baby Shares Their Story

The idea of being paid for your companionship is not a new one. While our society has traditionally frowned upon it, many are looking for info on how to find a sugar daddy. More and more men and women are seeking out the convenience of private arrangements. It the past year, the amount of people searching up ‘how to find a sugar daddy’ online has gone up 48% compared to the year prior. It’s just a fact: traditional relationships take more time to maintain than the average working person has to spare.

So I did a little more research. Several online statistics pointed out that the rise of Sugar Daddies is quickly outweighing those who outright pay for play. It seems that men are wanting some kind of familiarity and bond that spans beyond sex, but still remains convenient and hassle free. I thought to myself, honestly this doesn’t sound all that bad and I became even more curious to find out what the sugar bowl was really like.

I decided to sign up for an online Sugar Daddy dating website. There were so many to choose from, but I came across one called www.privatearrangements.com and enjoyed the simplicity of it’s platform. It looked to have a great arrangement of people and had several interesting blog posts that I could later sate my curiosity with. So why not? I went ahead and signed up to see what this Sugar Baby business was all about and to learn first hand how to find a sugar daddy.

I thought to myself: what better way to learn how to find a sugar daddy than to ask some sugar babies themselves? I completely understood why some Sugar Babies that I contacted wanted nothing to do with me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive several positive responses from ladies of all sorts who were happy tell me a couple of their tips and share their experiences in how to find a sugar daddy and what the lifestyle is all about.

After accumulating enough Sugar babies that were interested in sharing their experience with me I went to work. As I was filling out my profile I remembered what some of the girls I met with had said. I remembered specifically something that one woman had told me when I started to feel a bit nervous about it all.

"You have to be independent," she said. "A Sugar Baby looks for a Sugar Daddy to help her get ahead in life, and a Sugar Daddy looks for a Sugar Baby because he just doesn't have the time for something conventional." I remember that she noted, however, that there were exceptions. Often the Sugar Daddies that were married sought out a Sugar Baby to just add a little more spice to their life and that was fine too. The point was, it wasn't the kind of 'call them up at 3am crying' relationship.

With all the help I received from other sugar babies and the articles on Private Arrangements, I finished filling out my profile, put up some of my best photos, and started browsing. I was impressed by the selection of Sugar Daddies on the site and I was even more intrigued by how many of them were not only highly wealthy, but extremely successful people. After doing my digging around, I found a few Sugar Daddies I wanted to reach out to and sent out a message. Sitting around and waiting has never been something I liked to do, so I thought: Why not make the first move?

My First Ever Sugar Daddy Date

The first Sugar Daddy I met was David (for privacy, I will not be using anyone’s real names). He was a mature businessman looking in the financial world. We met at a quaint little bistro for lunch. I had on a nice summer dress with cute sandals and, taking another Sugar Baby’s advice, kept the jewelry to a minimum and made sure the makeup was more natural.

I was sitting at a window booth excited for my lunch with him. My mind was racing with thoughts and I was so preoccupied with watching the people outside that I didn’t see him come in. He came in to the table a couple minutes early and flashed me a warm smile. David was exactly what his profile suggested. Tall, lean and incredibly fashionable. He oozed confidence with every step he took and I could only imagine how easy it was for him to find a Sugar Baby. My heart actually fluttered!

We said hi, introduced, and ordered some drinks to start.

"I like that you took initiative to reach out to me," he opened with and went to pick up a menu. "Ambition and forwardness is something I have always appreciated in a woman."

I smiled. His blunt and confident attitude was so refreshing and it excited me greatly. We got along incredibly well. He told me a couple stories about his travels, as he loved to travel and loved learning about culture, which immediately clicked for me! Someone who loves to travel and enjoys culture? This is perfect. As we continued to speak over our meal, I started to suggest that I might be really interested in making an arrangement with them. Thank god I had some people help me out with how to find a sugar daddy, because I would have been utterly lost as to how to approach it without their advice!

He smiled when he finished his meal and took a sip of his drink. "I like you," he said. "Tell me what you want to do with your life."

When I was speaking with another Sugar Baby, they had brought up the fact that most Sugar Daddies wanted to invest in a young woman as well as have their company. At the time, I thought that was nonsense, but I was starting to see that they were right. This man wanted more than just my companionship, he wanted to know what I was going to do with my life and with his money. Admittedly, I became a little shy at that moment.

At that moment I remembered something a Sugar Baby told me:

"No Sugar Daddy wants a Sugar Baby who doesn’t believe in themselves. A good Sugar Daddy wants a WOMAN, not an insecure girl." One of the Sugar Babies I spoke with had said.

So I straightened myself up and smiled. I told him I wanted to be a travel agent, which was true I was in the hospitality industry currently and I loved to travel as well. It was part of the reason I was so excited about his love for culture. His response was pleasant and warm. He told me he knew a couple of people in my field that he might be able to put me in touch with and asked if I would meet with him again to discuss terms for our arrangement.

Yes, of course! It took everything in me to not blurt that out excitedly but I remained calm and mature in my response. Perfect, in only a few days, privatearrangements.com had introduced me to several amazing Sugar Babies that I received incredible tips from and also a Sugar Daddy that was impressively good looking, wealthy, and intelligent.

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What Is the Best Thing About The Sugar Bowl

David and I discussed our terms a few days later. He was a busy man who didn’t have a lot of time to go out and take care of me. It was part of the reason why he loved that I seemed so independent. I, of course ensured him that I was. We talked about how often we would meet and what might be involved. We also discussed travelling together. He also set aside an allotment of personal trips, telling me that I could travel anywhere I wanted for a week, quarterly without him. He suggested a few people that I connect with regarding my desire to become an agent. Lastly, the monthly allowance he was giving me was $20,000 and he said he would be happy to find someone to be my accountant.

I thought to myself, this was too good to be true! For the first while, I was waiting for things to fall apart, but as months turned into a year and a half, I really realized that not only was David a fantastic and genuine Sugar Daddy, but this was exactly the lifestyle I wanted. No strings attached. All the cards were laid out and we knew exactly where we stood with one another.

I soon discovered that getting paid to act as arm candy, be a listening ear, and have relations with someone sometimes is not a bad gig. In the first year with David, I started gathering all the tools I needed in other to really start my traveling business. Without my Sugar Daddy, I’m not sure I would have what I do today and without privatearrangements.com. I know that I for sure would not have the confidence or knowledge I do now on how to find a sugar daddy.

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