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A Sugar Momma’s Journey To Seeking Private Arrangements

These are common questions for new Sugar Mommas: How do you know that the Sugar Baby is real, and how do you make the move to get them offline and in person?

Seeking Private Arrangements: Finally Going offline.

My name is Alice. I’m very new to the Sugar Bowl, but I have already observed many trends amongst other Sugar mommas and Sugar Babies. When someone is seeking private arrangements online, there are several concerns they might find themselves seeking answers to. These are common questions for new Sugar mommas: How do you know that the Sugar Baby is real, and how do you make the move to get them offline and in person?

Let’s be honest, There’s a kind of safety in online dating that rapidly disappears when the first date hits. Even for successful women that have plenty of years experience talking in front of many people, when you add potential dating into the mix, it can get a little nerve wrecking. It’s very disconcerting for some people who have grown accustomed to the safety placed between the screen and their potential male Sugar Baby, but there are several ways to spot someone that might not be real and right for you before you make the big jump and several ways to get moving forward.

I sat down with a few seasoned Sugar mommas to further my research and ask them about what it’s like being a Sugar momma and how to go about finally going offline and meeting face to face.

What It’s Like Seeking Private Arrangements as a Sugar momma

Everywhere you go, you hear talk about young girls hooking up with older rich men to help them get a foot in the door. Whether it’s to cover their educational dept or to help them save up for their career, a Sugar Daddy is extremely common and is only on the rise as more and more people start seeking private arrangements. A recent study showed that the number of private arrangements has grown over 5% in the past three years alone.

So why don’t you hear about Sugar mommas? I became very curious about what the world had to say about us ‘cougars’ as we’re often called and I was so frustrated by the results. Almost everything I found was all about how seeking a private arrangement with a Sugar momma is only for sex; how we just wants sex with young studs and we’re controlling and uncaring. How typical, I thought, that a strong woman would be seen in such a way. It was all about shaming women who are successful and want to provide for a younger gentleman in a way that may or may not have bedroom activities involved.

"When I joined a site called privatearrangements.com, they talked about how the need for Sugar mommas was on the rise." - Joanna, a 46 year old stewardess told me.

In the past couple of years, people seeking private arrangements online has gone up significantly. Sugar momma dating was quickly becoming the category that has been rising the most out of all of them. Now that we as a society are very slowly getting over the conventional understanding of what a woman and a man should be and how they should act in a relationship, more men are coming clean about wanting the love and companionship of someone who’s a bit older and a bit more experienced. More men are coming out with the desire to NOT be the provider anymore and if a strong successful woman loves to provide? Well, it seems to make sense.

Still, the stigma behind being a successful woman and hooking up with a young man seemed somehow (yet unsurprisingly) more taboo than an older man flaunting his money to a younger woman. So I decided one day to log on to privatearrangements.com and message the Sugar mommas to see if they were interested in sharing their experiences with making the move from online to offline after they finally catch the right male sugar baby.

Seeking Private Arrangements: How to and Why

Betty has been a Sugar momma for over a decade. While sugaring or seeking private arrangements isn’t a new concept, the internet has paved the way to expansion for ambitious women looking to meet their young male Sugar Babies. Prior to the golden age of the internet, Sugar mommas had a difficult time finding their Sugar Babies.

"There is no real ‘meet market’ for Sugar mommas, so in the beginning it was a strange time." Betty said. "I’m glad the internet has taken out most of the awkwardness."

Seeking private arrangements is easy now that online dating has boomed. With sites like privatearrangements.com, you can have several people right at your fingertips and you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money on a physical date that ends up being a complete bust. Signing up for a sugar dating site is the best way to get what you want.

"Personally, I suggest privatearrangements.com." Betty added. "I’ve been there a couple years and I highly enjoy it."

The interface is easy to use and the messaging system is comfortable and secure. After comparing several dating sites, Privatearrangements.com also hosts one of the largest amount of male sugar daddies and sugar mommas.

So how does a person come to the conclusion that they are a Sugar momma or that they want to be one? A private arrangement is a relationship that works on the Sugar momma’s time and my terms. Sugar mommas are busy women that don’t have the time for a traditional commitment. Often times, the Sugar Lifestyle is confused with escorting, which is a grave mistake. Unlike being a pimp, male escort, or rent boy, the Male Sugar Baby in this relationship also has a say on whether or not they want their Sugar momma and they also have a say in the terms of the arrangement. Not only that, but a Sugar momma is investing in the Sugar Baby for more than just sex.

"When I look for a Male Sugar Baby, I want someone with more than just good looks. I want to find a Sugar Baby that I can genuinely care for, even if for a short amount of time." Betty added.

In a way, it isn’t all that different from a traditional relationship. What if one of the partners are on a work leave? The other partner invests in their relationship and helps out with gifts and money. It’s really that simple.

Is Your Sugar Baby Real?

When seeking private arrangements goes offline or when you’re trying to make it go offline, there is another very obvious way to tell that someone isn’t real or isn’t actually interested. A handful of Sugar mommas I have spoken to have had this incident where the Male Sugar Baby refuses to meet in person. These types of scammers are not necessarily bots, but actual people trying to get money from the Sugar momma without holding up their side of the bargain. "I’ve known some people who have very good long distance relationships with their sugar baby, but if they won’t even Skype with you? That is a red flag." Rhianna, a 15 year Sugar momma veteran said.

The idea of seeking private arrangements in order to get easy money can make sense to a lot of people and is often what drives these individuals to lurk on dating sites, usually FREE sugar daddy dating sites. In doing my research and speaking with several Sugar mommas, I have come across at least one story about an individual like this. It seems like several Sugar mommas have experienced a Sugar Baby looking to grab cash instead of truly being interested in seeking private arrangements. While all of these Sugar mommas have reported and seen excellent results since their incident, it’s enough to say there are some people out there who really just want to use this type of lifestyle instead of enjoy it.

"It’s a mistake I see a lot of new Sugar Babies make," Miriam, a 47 year old doctor, informed me. "They think ‘oh, this is just easy money’. Sometimes these gold diggers, as they’re called when you actually meet them face to face, aren’t mal intended. They just don’t know better. They just really want the money."

However, these types of people are easy to pick out. They will continue to avoid meeting you at any means necessary. They won’t Skype or video chat, they say they’re out of the country and can’t pay for a ticket in, or they’re always too busy. These are the kinds of people that you should just report and move on from.

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So is Online Sugar Dating Safe?

Overall, online dating is safe as long as you know how to spot the signs of someone or something that is just looking for some money. Sites like privatearrangements.com has amazing things to offer and a fantastic management system that will immediately address concerns from any individual reporting another profile.

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